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"I am the straw that stirs the drink." -- Reggie Jackson

This is my portfolio page. Please look around and check out my work. Afterwards, I encourage you to reach out and connect for a conversation! (Hopefully over drinks!)



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Eduardo (Eddie) Maisonet, III

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Birthday: July 28
Phone number: 213.537.3873
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  • 2014-future

    Fox Sports Digital @ Yardbarker Editorial Producer

    Editorial and digital strategist for FOX Sports interactive media team, focusing on Yardbarker's social media engagement, publisher relations and new media verticals.

  • 2010-2015

    SB Nation @ Senior Writer

    Contributed to the news desk and editorial direction for NBA and college football.

  • 2013-2014

    Google @ Operations Coordinator

    Led onboarding of small and medium-sized businesses onto Google My Business platform.

  • 2009-2011

    Nielsen @ Retail Consultant

    Served as a retail consultant and consumer market researcher with a focus on Kroger and Safeway.


  • 2016

    University of San Francisco San Francisco, CA

    Sport Management Masters Program

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    Langston University Langston, OK

    Bachelors in Organization Management

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    Media Bridges Cincinnati, OH

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The Five NFL Players Who Hold Their Teams Future In Their Hands

The Five NFL Players Who Hold Their Teams Future In Their Hands

This has been one crazy NFL off-season.

To see what some teams have done to improve their teams seemed drastic. Others stood pat and have hoped that their teams will grow organically into a contender. At the end of the day, you hope your team can put 11 guys on the field at a time that will ensure your team victory in the field of battle.

I'm here to tell you something; someone's one person can truly mess it up for everyone involved. In my opinion, there are five players, for better or for worse, that hold the future of their team's season in their hands. If they thrive...playoffs and possibly much more. If they dive...well, just play this sound and you'll understand.

Better Late than Earlier this Year: The Longest Two Months and Change in Sports

Better Late than Earlier this Year: The Longest Two Months and Change in Sports

For the past several years, the end of the basketball season brings that sense of uneasiness for me, as well as other sports fans. It’s that downtime between the end of basketball season and the start of football season. Sure, there’s baseball, but until September, it’s hard to get me to care about baseball. There have been tips to survive baseball season, tips to survive until football season, and even with those, it’s still hard to deal with. Even with all the preparation, once the time comes, it all goes down the drain, and what ends up being a couple of months waiting for football to start ends up feeling like an eternity.

Unlike others, the downtime started off surprisingly well this year. Between LeBronapalooza taking up a nice chunk of time, as well as the Rangers being worth a damn this season (I live in the Dallas area, so this means more to me, as well as folks around here), time was flying by, and there weren’t any complaints about football season needing to start right away. Of course, it’s always nice to have the season start, but there wasn’t a lot of complaining, because time was being occupied, sports-wise, and it was being done so to my satisfaction.

Then, it happened.

When Your Owner Says, "We Ain't Got No Money..."

When Your Owner Says, "We Ain't Got No Money..."

The Cincinnati Bengals released wide receiver Antonio Bryant, the team announced Sunday.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, $8 million of Bryant's contract is guaranteed.

The Cincinnati Bengals have just pissed $8 million dollars down the drain because Antonio Bryant's knee ligaments can't get right. The same Cincinnati Bengals who have been accused of being one of the most frugal franchises in all of sports history, with an owner in Mike Brown who makes Cincinnatians (is that what you all call yourselves, please help) foot the bill when Bengals costs come up, basically said, "we ain't tripping on $8 million."

So why is it when you see owners of these professional teams tell you that they don't have any money, why do we as sports fans continue to believe them? Are we that dumb? Do they just do a great job of tricking us?

Here's How You Win Your Fantasy Football Draft

Here's How You Win Your Fantasy Football Draft

As we wind down for the week and prepare to engage in all acts of shenanigans, tomfoolery, hijinks, mischief, monkey-business, and anything else our dear mother's would not approve of...this Saturday I will be hosting the 2nd Annual ETSF High-Def Fantasy Football challenge. It is a great event that along with myself, 11 other worthy contestants (including your very own @CoolBlack06, @Jagadelic, @JeremyKSmith, and @SDotWalton) will be participating in. It will be tons of fun. However, you want to know something...

Those 11 guys in my league don't stand a chance in beating me, again.

See, this is what happens when you're the commissioner of the league and then you go out and WIN said league. People accuse you of cheating, and having the games fixed, and basically insulting my character. I am a man of integrity, and I do not appreciate these slanderous statements that are being thrown recklessly at me. I will have my vengeance. How will I do that? Easy, I'm going to kick ass and take names like my mama taught me to. You want to know how to REALLY win? Here, I'll show you once again like I did in 2009. Take notes.

It's Time for some Real Football Now

It's Time for some Real Football Now

The anticipation for this upcoming football season has been the most maddening it's been in recent memory. You can make the case that there have been other years when there was more excitement for a season to start, but this one's been frustrating, due to this year's role of preseason. This has been the year where I actually sat around and not only watched preseason games, but watched them well into the second half, and while it serves as a sign that the season is right around the corner, it really makes me wish the season would just start right now.

Jordan Rides the Bus

Jordan Rides the Bus

Today on ETSF, our blogging brother-in-crime, Phil, comes by to review the recent 30 for 30 documentary about Michael Jordan, and his trials and tribulations on his quest to become a major league baseball player. Enjoy.

Growing up, there were very few moments more shocking than the day Michael Jordan announced his initial retirement. I was six years old and at the very beginning of my basketball-watching life. To me, the only two men who mattered outside of my pops were Marcus Allen and Michael Jordan. I wanted to be able to answer all the questions on Jeopardy, jump over 300-pound linemen to score touchdowns for the Raiders, and be the coldest mofo to lace up a pair of sneakers simultaneously.

17 was my favorite number, because that’s what my dad wore on his high school football and baseball teams, but when that number wasn’t an option, I was sporting either 32 or the ubiquitous 23. In the first grade, if you had MJ’s number, you were the man. The dude epitomized basketball for a generation of elementary school-aged kids by dunking on cats, hitting last second shots and winning championship after championship after championship.

I still remember when my dad told me that he was leaving the game of basketball to play baseball. At that time, I couldn’t understand why someone so great at what they did would want to leave what they were doing. But us in the first grade weren’t the only ones confused; the whole world was. Not only was he leaving basketball, but he was leaving it to play baseball. Admittedly, I thought he was going to pick up the sport and start knocking balls out the park like Matt Williams. I didn’t get a chance to watch any of his games, at least I have no memory of watching them, but my memory of that era was Jordan failing. When you’re six, if the greatest becomes just another guy, some scrub playing minor league ball in Alabama, that’s a huge failure in your book. The media has an overwhelming power over elementary kids, and they showed me clips of Jordan striking out, hitting soft pop ups like the girls on my softball team and playing in right field (where all of the worst fielders end up at the age I was at the time). 17 years later, I know better – we all know better – and Ron Shelton’s film, Jordan Rides The Bus, did a great job of shedding light on MJ’s plight.

The Maddening Mystery of Matt Leinart

The Maddening Mystery of Matt Leinart

It seems like Matt Leinart, no matter where he goes, cannot escape The Ghost of Vince Young’s Past. Last night, Monday Night Football was on the tube, and while the regular season is still a couple of weeks away, the two starting quarterbacks of each team met again. Both are at a crossroads of sorts. While Young seems to have an idea of where he and his team are headed this season, the jury is still out on Leinart and the Arizona Cardinals.

To understand the condition that is The Ghost of Vince Young’s Past, one only has to go back to the 2005 National Championship Game. The team that was named by some in the media as the best college football team of my lifetime, the USC Trojans, lost the game against the Texas Longhorns, led by The Immortal Vince Young.

Why Hasn't Team USA Won A FIBA Championship Since '94?

Why Hasn't Team USA Won A FIBA Championship Since '94?

While I was in NYC for the Nike World Basketball Festival, I heard an intriguing fact about USA's Men's Basketball Team that I never knew before.

The USA Men's Basketball team have not won the FIBA World Championships since 1994.


Do you know how long ago that was? I mean, I was 11 years old and in the 6th grade. I was still wearing X-Men t-shirts and was hell bent on perfecting my skills on Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat. In 1994, the dream affectionately known as "Dream Team II" was led by Shaquille O'Neal, Larry Johnson, and my two favorite players growing up, Shawn Kemp and Reggie Miller. The team consisted of no players from the original Dream Team regime, yet they were able to dominate all international play and finish 8-0 to bring home the championship back to the states.

So what's happened since '94? We still have the best talent, we still have the best coaches, and we still have the best resources...so why can't the USA win?

Pittsburgh, Let Dennis Dixon be Great

Pittsburgh, Let Dennis Dixon be Great

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a team I’ve always had a balance of hatred and admiration for. The hatred stems from the fact that I am a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan, and we’re not really known to hob-knob, rub elbows, and tailgate with the wavers of the Terrible Towel. The admiration stems from the fact that they’re about as loyal a fan base as I’ve seen, and on top of that, I have yet to meet a bandwagon Steelers fan. The Rev couldn’t believe it when I said the latter last year, and if he reads this today, he’ll probably berate me in his head, or right out loud.

With that said, the Steelers have a decision to make pretty soon. Their motorcycle-riding, Super Bowl-winning, initiator of intimate innuendo, and game-saving starting quarterback is suspended for the first six weeks of the NFL season. That man, of course, is The Great Ben Roethlisberger. The Steelers have three capable quarterbacks on the team, not named Ben R. They have the billowing behemoth in Byron Leftwich, grizzled veteran Charlie Batch, and the young pup of the group, Dennis Dixon. For reasons that remain a mystery to me, my boy Mike Tomlin has decided to give the reins to Leftwich, while The Motorcycle Rider serves his suspension, thus leaving the quarterback, who gives them the best chance to win, to sit on the side. That man, ladies and gentlemen, is Dennis Dixon.

Tony Dungy, Leave Rex Ryan Alone

Tony Dungy, Leave Rex Ryan Alone

Are we allowed to crucify Tony Dungy?

I mean, I see how you all reacted when I told Michael Jordan to shut up, so I wonder how you people will deal with me if I crucify God's favorite head coach. You know what; I'm not going to crucify the former Colts' head man, because this issue is a bit bigger than what it seems like on the surface.

When Tony Dungy pulled Rex Ryan's card for his use of profanity on HBO's
Hard Knocks, what he did was not only cast judgment on Jets' coach Rex Ryan, but he cast judgment on the entire league. There's a popular phrase that many athletes and rappers use for tattoos as motivation to help them deal with the madness, and someone should've told Rex to say this in response..."Only God can judge me."

Aye, Carmelo. Stop being so Sensitive

Aye, Carmelo. Stop being so Sensitive

Yesterday on First Take, I had an opportunity to see two people debate who I have a lot of respect for, in Skip Bayless and Bomani Jones. Skip is a household name; someone who is known for raging against the machine, to a fault, on quite a few of today’s athletes.

Bomani Jones is someone who has been the man for a while, and is now getting the recognition he deserves. He’s the only person, next to Ryan Clark from the Pittsburgh Steelers, that’s been on First Take and succeeded in making Skip’s house their house, or, at the very least, made Skip pull out a chair, and ask them if they want a drink of water, a shot of crown, a glass of orange juice, or anything else that's seen as a sign of respect and hospitality. It takes a lot to do that, which we have seen with folks going on the show for years and having Skip eat them alive. Plus, it says a lot when it’s one-on-one, because there are plenty of times when there are two people opposite Skip.

Anyway, back to yesterday’s show. The two of them had a debate about Carmelo Anthony, and Bomani made a point about how Carmelo is an excellent player, a great player, but not someone who should be paid $22 million a year, and someone who may not necessarily be wired to lead a team to a championship. It looks like someone either told Carmelo this, or he heard it himself, because this is what followed.

Carmelo’s Response.

Respect LaDainian's Gangsta

Respect LaDainian's Gangsta

LaDainian Tomlinson is the 2nd greatest tailback I've ever seen in my life.

Its something I've been pondering for the entire summer. After hearing numerous San Diego Chargers players pop off at the mouth and talk crazy about the greatest Charger in the franchises history, I wondered if San Diego truly realized what they were really doing to the man who made it okay to call someone other than #56, L.T. Now you might be asking, who is the greatest? That would be Barry Sanders, all hail the true king of tailbacks of a generation. Emmitt? Well...I've spoken my piece about #22 on numerous occasions, but this isn't about him right now.

LaDainian Tomlinson for the last three years (since 2007, when Norv Turner was hired) played for a team and a system that was not centered around LaDainian's talents. The year before, in 2006 under Marty Schottenheimer, L.T. put up as strong a statistical year as anyone in NFL history. Since...his carries how steadily declined, and the offense has thrown the ball much more. So, at age 31 he's now signing up for duty for the team that runs the ball more than any team in the NFL, the New York Jets. Have you seen Thomas Jones' numbers last season at age 31? Imagine if L.T. can replicate that!

So why have we seemingly discarded a man who for an entire decade was singularly the best back of an era?

Unconventional 101: Shocking the World in NYC

Unconventional 101: Shocking the World in NYC

Note: Typically, my posts are to-the-point, but in order for this story to be told properly, I had to get long-winded. This is my "Come to Jesus" post, which basically is a testimony, using sports as the subject. It was more than just a trip, which you will see right now. Also, shout-out to the homie John Gotty at The Smoking Section, for taking some great pictures and helping bring even more life to what we were a part of.

The past five days in New York City meant many different things to many different people. For some, it served as a continuation of a series of events stemming from previous times. For others, it is an extension of what they do for a living. For myself, it was the strangest, most unorthodox, unconventional, yet irreplaceable experience that’s ever taken place in 28 years and some change on this Earth. To understand this particular post, looking at it in the mere context of basketball wouldn’t be telling enough. In a sense, it’s my duty to explain why it was so much more, or why, as some wise old man once said, it’s more than a game.

The Shock The World Chronicles: Team USA Takes Over Radio City Music Hall

The Shock The World Chronicles: Team USA Takes Over Radio City Music Hall

Folks, what Kenny Masenda and Eddie Maisonet were able to experience on Thursday was nothing short of amazing. As you may have heard, the two of us have been invited by Nike to join their North American media to experience and cover Team USA Basketball and the World Basketball Festival. What has ensued can only be described with words like: tomfoolery, shenanigans, hi jinks, and sheer amazement.

This much is perfectly clear. Nike is serious on making the game of basketball global. As part of Nike's 8-year deal with Team USA Basketball, Nike has created an event called the World Basketball Festival, a celebration of basketball's culture and growth that supports the buzz for the FIBA World Championships. The national teams of Brazil, France, China, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. have all touched down in NYC to put on a show of magnanimous proportions.

Plus Kenny got to ask Rajon Rondo about Rasheed Wallace...which is epic by itself.

It's Now or Never for The U

It's Now or Never for The U

Three years ago, something took place on a football field that I had never seen in my life, and has yet to be duplicated. The most dynamic collection of high school talent I’ve ever seen came across the country and descended onto Ford Field in Dallas, to take on the best high school football team the state of Texas had to offer.

In warm-ups alone, I was astounded by the speed, power, athleticism, and precision of this team from Miami and thought to myself that Southlake Carroll didn’t have a shot in hell of staying with them, let alone winning the game. As great as Southlake was, Miami Northwestern was simply on another level of football, altogether. The game turned out to be a classic, with Miami Northwestern pulling out the victory in the most exciting high school game I have ever seen in person.

Another reason why this was so amazing is because the majority of the stars from Northwestern signed onto play at the University of Miami. Basically, Randy Shannon pulled off the coup of a lifetime. He basically did three years ago what Pat Riley just pulled off with Wade, Bosh, and LeBron. This is exactly why it’s now or never for The U. Miami has to go to BCS bowl this year, or all the hard work that began three years ago will go completely down the drain.

Is Terrelle Pryor REALLY The Next Vince Young?

Is Terrelle Pryor REALLY The Next Vince Young?

Living in Cincinnati, Ohio I am constantly inundated by Ohio State Buckeyes fans. For outsiders not from the Buckeye State, folks tend to feel that Buckeye fans are out of their freaking minds and tend to have an over-inflated viewpoint of their beloved football team. I'll admit, when I first moved here, I felt the same way. However, after thinking about it, I realized that Buckeye fans are JUST LIKE Oklahoma Sooner fans. They are the only football game that matters on Saturday or Sunday to a degree. Yes, that was a dig at the Bengals and Browns. Sorry.

As it stands, the next golden child taking snaps under center in Columbus is one Terrelle Pryor. The Junior signal caller physically has every tool you want in a quarterback; strong throwing arm, height, mobility, and wide receiver speed. With the growing perception in Ohio that his ability to "read" as in the defense has steadily improved, he is now drawing comparison to a former nemesis of my favorite college football team, one Vince Young. What made Vince great at the University of Texas more than his arm, his mobility, and congeniality with his teammates was that VY10 always had comment of the moment. Kenny and I had the conversation and came to the agreement that Vince Young was the greatest big game player in our college football lifetime.

ETSF Early Heisman Candidates You Need to Get Familiar With

ETSF Early Heisman Candidates You Need to Get Familiar With

With college football right around the corner, everyone has their consensus picks for the best team and players in the country. The majority of folks have Alabama as the best team. The majority thinks Jake Locker is the best quarterback in the country, Mark Ingram the best back, and Michael Floyd as the best receiver. You can go as far to say that would make those three guys all have the tools to have strong Heisman campaigns, because when you’re seen as the best at what you do, “Heisman” is sure to follow.

The point of today’s post is to make a case for three players who are, in my opinion, dark horse candidates for the Heisman. Sure, people bring their names up and have them on a list, but it’s usually a list that’s more as a sign of courtesy than anything. The reason why these three players are my picks is simple: they’ll be instrumental in their team’s success. One should be able to win the Mountain West again this season, while the other has a realistic shot to return his team to glory. The third put on an unreal performance in the Big East Championship last year against Cincinnati, and injury withstanding, all three guys will do work again, starting in a few weeks.

Eldrick...This Is "Kinda" Our Fault Too

Eldrick...This Is "Kinda" Our Fault Too

Eldrick Woods shot an astonishing 77 yesterday as he finished 18-over par in a miserable performance at the Bridgestone Invitational in Akron, Ohio. Its something that is truly unprecedented, you see the man has never shot that poorly literally ever. Not as a professional or an amateur has he finished 18-over par. There are people reading this article right now dreaming that they could finish 18-over par for one round, much less a tournament.

However, after watching bits and pieces of the tournament, and watching the recurring highlights and interviews of Eldrick, the one thing that struck an accord with me was one simple, damning truth. The man is not having fun anymore, not at all. The man would much rather be at home playing with his children, figuring out ways to deal with his personal life, and honestly...sitting in a dark room with an ice cold beer and just being quiet.

I think the media, fans, and on-lookers of this Eldrick Woods debacle have been somewhat selfish for what he's gone through and we're about to lose the only thing that ever made us give a damn about golf. Shame on us.

ETSF Preseason Top Five

ETSF Preseason Top Five

Note: Today's post is written by B-Lew, who gives us his preseason top five.

#5: Boise State Broncos
Players to watch:
Kellen Moore-QB Jeron Johnson-CB
Jeremy Avery-RB Austin Pettis-WR

Well it seems like the “Statue of Liberty” play against Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl was ages ago. The Boise State Broncos are ready, and have been for a while now to knock down the National Championship door. Head coach Chris Peterson has been exceptional with a 49-4 record and 2-0 in BCS Bowl games. After a sensational junior campaign, quarterback Kellen Moore is looking like a Heisman contender, after throwing 39 touchdowns and only 3 INTs. With sure-handed receiver Austin Pettis, who led the team in receiving touchdowns, along with 1,000-yard rusher Jermey Avery, the Broncos are no longer the Cinderella in college football. They are serious contenders this upcoming season. The Broncos will be tested early this season, with an opening game at FedEx Field in Baltimore against the Virginia Tech Hokies, which will test that high-powered offense early and often. The road to a title doesn’t stop there, as they will have a home game against the Oregon State Beavers, and will have their hands full against Jacquizz Rodgers. Get past those two early tests with impressive wins, and Boise State will be in the National Title game.

Does a Fan following a Player make them a Bandwagoner?

Does a Fan following a Player make them a Bandwagoner?

Two years ago, Kevin Garnett screamed “Anything is possible!!!!!!!!” after winning the first championship of his Hall of Fame career. It took him 13 years to get what he deserved years before, and when he finally got it, there were plenty of people who were thrilled for him. The fact that he was on Boston didn’t make a difference. People are fans of Kevin Garnett, and it didn’t matter where he played. Even Laker fans, die-hard Laker fans, were happy for the man, even through their hatred for the Boston Celtics. At the time, it didn’t seem like there was much backlash from people who weren’t fans of Boston that just so happened to cheer KG on.

Fast-forward to July 2010, and a new day is born in Miami with Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, and LeBron James teaming up together. When The King decided to head to Miami, the Heat bandwagon seemed to swell up overnight, but unlike when KG went to Boston, there have been a swarm of people coming out and accusing folks of being bandwagoners for rooting the Heat on. Even when people say it’s not so much about the Heat as it is about cheering on LeBron, it still doesn’t matter. This all sets the course for the dilemma of today’s sports fan.

The ETSF College Football 2010-11 Preseason All-Americans

The ETSF College Football 2010-11 Preseason All-Americans

In what has become an annual tradition around these parts, its that time of year again to put out the 3rd Annual ETSF College Football Preseason All-Americans list. Some of you will be mad at me, and trust me...its going to be okay. This list has partially been made TO make you mad, or at least make you re-evaluate who truly might be the best players in all of college football. Check out the 2008 and the 2009 list when you get a chance. Check my resume fam, my record's impeccable.

Are you ready? Like I said, don't be mad at me that I didn't select "your guy". Just tell your guy to prove me wrong.

The side of athletes you rarely see

The side of athletes you rarely see

Tuesday August 26, 1996:

It was my second day at Lake Dallas High School; a far cry from the confines I grew up in from the previous 11 years of my life. Growing up in Denton, Texas allowed me to be around a mix of races, and gave me the opportunity to make friends with everyone. We all looked forward to continuing our journey from elementary school to middle school to high school…except I didn’t join them. My folks bought a house, and we moved about 15 miles to South Denton County, but in a different school district. My entire first day in a new place and school, I didn’t see any Black people, any Mexican people, any Asian people, nothing. The second day was starting off the same as the first, until I saw this big-faced brother with an Elden Campbell Basketball Camp shirt on. Since I was familiar with the camp (the camp was held in Marshall, Texas, at Wiley College), I asked him about the shirt, and from then on, Anthony Allen became my best friend, and has been ever since. If it wasn’t for Elden Campbell’s Basketball Camp, there’s no telling how my second day would have went, or the rest of the week, for that matter.

Paid In Full: Haynesworth & Revis

Paid In Full: Haynesworth & Revis

As sports fans, we tend to look at athlete's professional contracts like we look at a BMW 7 Series, a Breitling SuperOcean watch, or Emmanuelle Chriqui...those are all things we'd like to have in my life. Okay, maybe its me, but you feel me.

Also, as sports fans, we have a hard time dealing with what's "fair". When dealing with children, kids understand something as "not being fair" because things didn't go their way. As adults, we realize that "fair means nothing" and that's just how life is. In the last couple of weeks, players like Albert Haynesworth and Darrelle Revis are dealing with the perception of "what's fair" and to be real, I could care less. Fair is a personal thing, because you only have to be fair to yourself. For one player, he's fully paid...for another, he's trying to get paid in full. Both men, in my opinion, are doing exactly what they should be doing.


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