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The 6'10" Shooting Guard Conundrum

I hate LaMarcus Aldridge.

Of all the people in the world to hate Ed, why in the hell would you hate LaMarcus Aldridge? Well, besides the fact that he went to school at Texas, I've always looked at LaMarcus Aldridge's physical ability as ideal for a power forward in the game of basketball. Dude is 6'11", 250-pounds, and is capable of doing everything you want from your 4. Knock down the jumper, play defense, rebound, and score down low.

The key word in all of that is "capable".

I think its reprehensible that Aldridge averages 7.3 rebounds/game for his career. There's no excuse for it at all. When I watch Aldridge play, all I ever see him do is take 17-foot jump shots. Conversely when you see someone like David West of the Hornets, a man who's limited in his physical stature, the 17-foot jump shot keeps the man relevant. Look, DWest is 6'8" and gets way more out his body than what he should, and if David West didn't have that 17-foot jump shot then he wouldn't be in the league. Aldridge uses that 17-footer because, in my opinion, he's soft. He doesn't want to bang, he doesn't want to get physical, and he doesn't want to be a player worth a damn.

However, its more than just Aldridge that contributes to what I call the 6'10" conundrum, as there are many culprits to this in the league. Case in point, Amare Stoudemire. The man has been fraudulent his entire career when it comes to rebounding and defense, and it was never more apparent to me than watching him last year in the playoffs. Amare and the Suns somehow made it to the Western Conference Finals last season, and although their run was impressive...how in the hell does Amare get away with averaging 6.7 rebounds/game? Its reprehensible.

For a man to have that type of athletic ability, and to be able to be such a killer on the offensive end, the fact that he can't put that same type of energy towards rebounding is absurd. Better yet, how about you stay in front of your defender Amare. Its the same reason why I was skeptical to even consider giving the man a max contract when he was a free agent, but I understand why you have to give him that money.

At the end of the day, some folks are built to be tough, physical, and be willing to get down and dirty to rebound, get tough buckets, and play like you got some balls. Its one thing for someone like Blake Griffin to come into the league and average 12.8 rebounds/game, being the phenom he is and being the personification of hitting the genetic lottery. Its another thing for Kevin Love to lead the league in rebounding (15.7) and have the athletic ability of the guys who take out the trash in front of my crib on Mondays and Thursdays. Okay, that might be harsh, but you get my point.

From the likes of Brook Lopez (5.9 rebounds/game) who's allegedly allergic to rebounding, to Christina Bosh who's as fond of shooting jumpers as fat kids who really like cake, to Rashard Lewis who tried to take steroids to get big (and failed miserably), there are tons of soft, sensitive, sissified big men in the league. You know its a league full of softies when Pau Gasol is arguably the best big man in the league, who's hair swishes left to right like a VO5 commercial. Yet, the man rebounds, plays defense, scores tough baskets, and plays like someone worth a damn, yet LaMarcus Aldridge and Amare Stoudemire can't average 8 bleeping rebounds a game.

That's why I can't stand 6'10" shooting guards.


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