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Championship Sunday = bandwagon alert

If you hear any of the following from people who haven't said these things all year, beware:

“Man, you trippin’. I’ve liked Aaron Rodgers ever since he was at Cal.”

“Oh man, when everybody else stopped believing in Cutler, I still said he was what that was. I just didn’t say it aloud.”

“Shoot, I knew Mark Sanchez was ready this whole time.”

There would be a line for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but much to the chagrin of The Reverend Paul Revere, I still have yet to meet a bandwagon Steelers fan. Steelers fans are literally everywhere.

Championship Sunday is the culmination of six long months of training camp, preseason, regular season, and the first two weeks of the postseason. Hell, some fans (including me) would say they would rather be at a championship game than at the Super Bowl itself, but that’s another story for another day. As fans, we’re treated to two games, four teams, with the same objective in mind: win their game and make it to D-Town for the Super Bowl.

Along with this come the people who "believed" all along, despite the fact that their phones were broke, internet was down, or any other form of communication hindered them from being able to show they've had love for players or teams well before Championship Sunday. It used to piss me off when people did this (okay, I’m lying; it still does), but it’s more humorous now than anything.

People like Eddie B., Uncle King, and Dr. Best are die-hard fans and have worn their fandom for the Steelers with pride as long as I’ve known them. Folks like E-Mil, Keith Norman, and Chad P. have been singing the Aaron Rodgers Gospel for years and can't wait to do so some more on Sunday. Times like these are perfect for all of them.

For Terita, it’s an opportunity to see her Jets get another crack at making the Super Bowl, which will lead to us having the greatest media day in the history of the Super Bowl if the Jets are able to get the job done. As for Bears fans like Dominique Butler, Christopher Johnson, and Charles Ewing, they get the chance to root their team on to victory.

However, everyone is not like them, and it’s admittedly a struggle to accept when people come out of the woodworks claiming a team, especially with the stakes so high. Granted, in fandom, you should be able to cheer for whoever you want to, and that’s something I’ll readily acknowledge. No one wants to have their intelligence insulted, though. If you haven’t screamed, “J-E-T-S! Jets, Jets, Jets!” all year, I really don’t want the first time to come this Sunday, when/if they beat Pittsburgh to go to the Super Bowl. Sure, you can legitimately want the Jets to do well, but do so with honor and dignity.

Rex Ryan is an urban legend on ETSF. We’ve come to the defense of the man when some of his own fan base wanted him to shut his mouth, so seeing the Jets make the Super Bowl would be great. Ben Roethlisberger is someone who’s gotten love on this site for years, and Mike Tomlin is my dude, as well as someone who is also revered here, despite the fact that he's a Kappa-ass Kappa.

To take it a step further with the Steelers, as a Dallas Cowboys fan, it won’t even bother me if the Steelers make the Super Bowl, and trust, this isn’t something all Cowboys fans can or will say, simply because the Steelers already have more rings than the Cowboys. With that being said, I won’t cheer for either of these teams. Come Sunday, my only hope is for good, solid football.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m one of the biggest Charles Woodson (aka, The Heisman) Stanleys you will ever meet. The fact that he is one game away from reaching the Super Bowl hasn’t been lost on me, but even with that, cheering for the Packers is out of the question. I’ve never cared for Green Bay and won’t pretend to do so now.

As for the Bears, they have a few cool players, but it doesn’t mean I’ll be cheering for them either. Once again, as long as the game is competitive and memorable, I don’t give a damn who wins.

People, the objective is to have fun, eat food, get drunk (if that’s what you do), and cheer for some great football. Nowhere in this does it say you have to cheer for a team, and while it’s okay to do so, just have sound logic when you do so, or risk getting called out, because…well, that’s what fandom is all about. It’s a beautiful hypocrisy; you know, the fact that we should be able to cheer for whomever, but if it hasn't been consistent, your card will be pulled. Come this Sunday, the goal is to have a blast and to do so with your fandom being uncompromised.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda
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