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Fans don't know anything: NBA All-Star Game Edition

I never knew a shooting guard could start at power forward in the All-Star Game, until now.

The man I’m speaking of is Amar’e Stoudemire, also known on ETSF as Amar’e “Shooting Guard” Stoudemire. The reason why he has been given that moniker can be seen here, and while it is somewhate “over-the-top,” the fact that he has an extremely realistic shot to start over Kevin Garnett makes my blood boil.

Of course, people will look at stats to justify this baloney, but will conveniently leave out other details (style of play, role in the offense, other responsibilites to the team). It’s even more proof that fans are something else when it comes to voting for the All-Star Game.

In the West, it’s even more blasphemous. Despite my apprehension with “Shooting Guard Stoudemire" starting over KG, the leading vote-getter in the West to start at center is Yao Ming. Now, in the event that you have not been around, allow me to tell you how many games Yao has played in this year: five.

That’s right; the man has played in five games this year, but he is going to win the fan vote to start in the All-Star Game this year. It’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen in quite some time. Now, when Yao is healthy, I think he is the best center in basketball, but he's clearly not healthy right now and shouldn't be at the top of the list for centers in this game.

Granted, this may come off as a rant from a senile old man, but to me, here’s the danger of fans voting, and it happens every single year; when fans make a preposterous selection for the game, it lessens the possibility of someone truly deserving making the team.

Yao’s in first, followed by Andrew Bynum. Since Yao can’t go, that means either Bynum goes, or the coaches will make a selection to fill the void. Bynum is having a good year, but not an All-Star year, but he’s second in line to go. Hell, the man hasn’t even played in half of LA’s games, but in the eyes of some fans, that’s a minor detail.

For the most part, the rest of the ballot looks good, and if some folks take issue with the lineups presented on TNT tonight, it’ll be personal preference (Rose or Rondo; Carmelo or Gasol). My only hope is one day we as fans get it totally right,and there won’t be any egregious selections. We have the juice; it just needs to be utilized properly.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda
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