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Ed The Ladies Man: Ladies, don't be selfish when THE game is on

This was the Facebook status update on Monday night that triggered today's article...

"Question for the fellas, would you prefer to have sex or watch the national championship between Oregon and Auburn?"

Now, I read this and really didn't think anything of it, didn't even bother to conceptualize it. However, when I started to read the responses on this young lady's facebook wall I was immediately taken aback by the amount of herb-ism and lameitude exhibited by the fellas.

"Man, the game can wait. Let's get it in."

"DVR the game, let's rock."

"Time to make some magic happen, Cam Newton sucks anyway."

I understand that this young lady is a nice looking, and maybe some of the fellas were trying to appeal to her senses...but there was no way in life I was going to sit here and let this ride.

Every man who reads this post right now is infuriated by just looking at the photo at the top of the article. Why? Because when the real Beyonce Vizio commercial comes on, its baffling to sit there and be THAT mesmerized on what was on the damn television. Its because its Beyonce that's on the television versus Beyonce in real life being right there in front of you in all her voluptuous goodness. No sane man is going to be locked in to the television that much, I don't care how many damn pixels that screen has.

But let's be perfectly clear here, we ain't talking about watching Beyonce on the television versus having her in your arms in real life. We're talking about your woman bargaining with you to offer you some lovin' all while you are watching the biggest college football game of the year. Let's eliminate some things real quick...if you don't like sports or genuinely do not care about the game at hand, then I can understand your desire to veer away from the game. However, most of you who are reading this love sports and had your eyes glued to the television set trying to watch Auburn vs. Oregon.

Now, if your woman knows you and loves you for who you are, then they should understand that this game is important to you. Ladies, if you put your man in a compromising situation where they have to choose between satisfying your sexual desires or to continue watching the game, you are officially selfish.

The football game comes on at 8:30pm, now given where you live you would probably have a couple of hours before the game started to "get it in" as you please. Hell, you have all the time in the world to "get it in" after the game as well. Better yet, you could make your man real REAL happy and "get it in" during halftime. Its the national championship, the halftime takes damn near 45 minutes to finish up before the third quarter. Needless to say, you can get some things done in 45 minutes.

I mean, did you have to have the urge for the BCS national title game in the Fiesta Bowl? Couldn't you have waited for the GoDaddy.com Bowl, or the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, or the Beef O'Brady's Bowl to make some consummation happen??

Ladies, you're essentially making your man make a choice that they don't want to make. Every man wants to keep a happy home, and if they don't want to be lonely, will generally do what's needed to keep you happy. However, guess what ladies? You're man is genuinely happy right there watching the game, where he can cuss and yell and look on in disbelief as the Oregon defenders forgot to play to the whistle.

In these types of situations, we would prefer you to either be a fan with us and watch the game with us, or go find you a hobby and knit up some mittens. We understand that you might not understand what is going on during the game, and we are more than prepared to help you with the game by answering your questions as needed.

Besides, you know the women would hate it if we came in trying to "get it in" when 'The Game' is on. Who in the hell is Tasha Mack and Derwin anyway?


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