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Can I write two Heisman posts in a row? Why, yes, I can

When the Green Bay Packers beat the Chicago Bears to reach the Super Bowl, The Great Charles Woodson made it a point to address his teammates after the game. He told them how big this moment was, while also making another proclamation that raised some eyebrows.

The man made a statement about Brother President Obama not attending their game. Despite his non-attendance being seen as a possible slight, The Heisman didn't trip.

He even sent Brother President an autographed authentic jersey, which he made sure to include with the words "see you at The White House," thus letting him know that the Packers would be making the trip to see him soon. If anyone has followed The Heisman's career, there was rarely a reason not to believe his proclamation would come true.

When Deion Sanders tossed the coin before kickoff, a picture was set on my Hoshitoshi, which immediately became embedded in memory: the greatest cornerback of my lifetime next to my favorite defensive player of all-time. Both wore #21, both has substance, style, and second-to-none moments in the game of football. Prime Time tossed the coin, gave The Heisman some love, and it was on like Donkey Kong.

As always, The Heisman was doing work. He was having a quality game, but toward the end of the first half, Ben Roethlisberger heaved a ball toward Mike Wallace. The Heisman broke up the pass and came down awkwardly on his side. As soon as he hit that garbage-ass turf, I knew it was bad, and when the reports came across the screen that Woodson broke his collarbone, the Hoshitoshi and I almost had an unceremonious demise (in other words, I almost shattered my TV).

B-Lew called my phone, and asked if I heard the news. Ed was visibly upset, as were others who got the news that Woodson was injured and would no longer be able to play.

However, the second half began, and you could tell Woodson was in pitiful shape. The man tried to pump his fist in celebration, and it looked like his shoulder was gonna fall off the rest of his body. Even with that, he continued to root his team on, and when the Packers won the Super Bowl, the first name that kept coming up, in regards to who they wanted to win it for, was Charles Woodson.

See, it's one thing for me to sing the praises of the Heisman. When it comes to Woodson, I have a severe bias and have since I was a sophomore in high school, but when you see other fans, as well as teammates, coaches, and former players speak about the impact of The Heisman, then the realization of how big this moment is comes full-circle.

Charles Woodson is one of the legends of the game of football; not just for the accolades, but because of the moments, and last night showed just why The Heisman is what that is, even with him competing for the duration of the game in sweats and his arm in a sling.

It would be one thing to say we need more like him, but it's even better to say there may never be another Charles Woodson in our lifetime, and for the player who has long been referred to as The Heisman, he can also now be referred to as The Champion.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda
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