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The greatest Super Bowl in my life: Giants 17 - Patriots 14

Giants 17, Patriots 14.

In my life, I have never seen another football team in my life better constructed than the 2007 New England Patriots. From Brady to Moss going deep, Brady to Welker with the short passes of death, three pro-bowlers on the offensive line, and a pro-bowler on every level of the defense (Wilfork, Vrabel, Samuel) and the glorious Bill Belicheat using his diabolical schemes to be undefeated coming up to Super Bowl XLII.

The Giants were supposed to get thrashed, supposed to receive the BEAT 'EM DOWN, and get embarrassed in Phoenix. What we were treated to was the unthinkable, absurd, ridiculous, and the extraordinary...and I'm glad we were able to see it.

Let's just zoom to the fourth quarter, shall we? Let me give you all a snapshot of what I remember from this house party I was watching the game at...

- There was a bunch of fine women at this party, a lot of them wearing Brady jerseys which baffled me...however, my man George put in work in planning that party.

- I don't really like going to house parties to watch the Super Bowl, its too many folks talking about other shit that don't matter at all. Why are you talking to me about, "The unemployment rate is 10%," man I don't care about folks having jobs. Get out of here with that, I'm watching the damn game.

- There was a bunch of fine women at this party.

- Just a tip, if you do host a house party, consider having multiple rooms with the game on. I'm not too good to sit on the floor, but man my left cheek was numb in the 3rd quarter.

- 95% of the people at this house party were rooting for the Patriots. I was definitively in the minority rooting for the Giants, me and one other person out of 60 were going for New York, making it a tense environment between folks rooting for the Giants and Patriots.

I feel like this needs to be said, because I can't be the only one who felt this way but...during the beginning of the season, I was enamored by the New England Patriots. I was amazed on how easily they were putting up points and shutting down teams. They were awe-inspiring. So much so that the media began fawning over the Patriots in ridiculous proportions. The '72 Dolphins montages began to get out of hand, the Brady news about his wimminz (women for the common folk) was just plain annoying, and I was upset that the media was showing so much love to Wes Welker yet Randy Moss has arguably the best season for a wide receiver of all-time. Yeah I said it.

The media and the casual fanbase were crowning this team. Its the same reason that Kenny and I steadfastly refuse to now crown Aaron Rodgers as being an elite quarterback, its the same reason that we refused to crown Peyton Manning as the greatest quarterback of all-time. Its downright repulsive. In the sports world we have this desire to crown people, and I figured out why. You get a sense of satisfaction in seeing the potential greatness of someone or some team before everyone else does, even if its the "cool thing" to say. The cool thing to say right now is that Aaron Rodgers is an elite quarterback. No he's not, just stop it. I'm not hating when I say that, but what I am saying is let the man win this thang on Sunday and then he can be elite.

The Patriots-hype was getting so ridiculous that I turned on them. I never had an allegiance to the Patriots anyway, but what was funny is that I never thought that the Giants had a chance. When I was at this party, I was astounded to how many people were wearing Patriots jerseys and everything, I was baffled.

So when the Giants were only down 7-3 at halftime I just raised my eyebrow like The Rock. Didn't think nothing more. When the Giants scored on the 5-yard touchdown pass to David Tyree, giving New York a 10–7 lead with 11:05 left in the game. I was still like, "The Patriots got this. This is tailor-made for the Brady comeback." Sure enough, Brady drove the Pats on a 5-minute drive and found a leaping Randy Moss for a touchdown to give New England a 14–10 lead with 2:42 left in the game.

Teddy Ballgames for the Patriots, right?


You all know what happened next...

Manning escaped the insurgence of the Patriots D-Line, finds Tyree whose 32-yard one-handed catch on the helmet all while Rodney Harrison almost mauled him to death.

Manning to Harris Smith for the TD, 17-14 Giants.

(Aside: The look on all the BANDWAGON PATRIOTS FANS when this drive happened was one of the greatest things I've ever seen in my life. You pathetic, good-for-nothing, worthless, spineless, amoeba-like, no soul-having fans. 85% of you never even been to Boston before. You looked like a little girl who dropped their lollipop in the dirt. Stop hopping on the got damn bandwagon. Going out and buying jerseys and all, you should be ashamed of yourselves. End aside.)

Brady with the long bomb to Moss that was THIS close from being the greatest Super Bowl play of all-time. No one remembers this.

At the end of the day, I was so happy that the Giants won it was ridiculous. I don't think I was ever welcome around George's friends ever again. It wasn't because the Giants were my squad, it was because I wanted to hear the media backtrack on all the glory that was bestowed on the Patriots. I wanted to hear all of my co-workers hit the rewind and change their story about the Patriots. I wanted to see what all the cute women were going to do with the pink Brady jerseys they bought 2 days before the Super Bowl.

Long live David Tyree, the Giants defensive line, Harris Smith, and Peyton Manning's little brother, for providing me the most exhilarating Super Bowl I have ever witnessed. Thank you.


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