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The one thing no one wants to talk about "The Lockout"

Green Bay Packers 30, Pittsburgh Steelers 24

Okay, now that we have the Super Bowl prediction out the way, there's something that needs to be said about what is possibility awaiting us the day after the Super Bowl.

There will possibly be no football being played after February 6th, and if that doesn't worry you then you might not be an American. Oh, we're going to go through the motions. There will be the inevitable Super Bowl champion parade. We'll recap the season and talk about what's next. Although...again, there might not be a next. We'll want to talk about the draft, where Cammy Cam Juice Newton, AJ Green, and Nick Fairley will end up landing next year, but again...there might not be a next. Plus, there's one horrifying thought that cannot be forgotten...

No fantasy football.

Hopefully I didn't just blow your mind.

At the end of the day as fans we're in between a rock and a hard place. As fans, we are the common, everyday people. We work these 9-to-5 jobs, we try to scratch and claw for some righteousness that we can claim for all our own. We try to appeal to the opposite sex (most of us), enjoy some libation (or grape drink) from time to time, and ultimately want to make our mama's proud of us. Well, if you end up making it in the NFL, most folks would say that you have achieved some form of glory.

So to ask fans to be empathetic to the players situation is highly difficult. Yes, the players plight is a tough one. The owners biggest squabble is between themselves, the owners. Big money owners don't want to share with the little big money owners, so instead the owners collectively are going to go after the players' money. Yeah, owners looking for other ways to protect themselves from....themselves.

I need fantasy football, I do. I'm addicted. I always say I'm going to only get in just one league, then end up getting into 4 of them. I guess if there's no football on Sunday then my church attendance will raise exponentially. Maybe I'll have some time to take the lady out for brunch on a Sunday afternoon. However, other than my Jesus quotient, I don't really want to change any of this.

The players want my sentiment, but as my boy Rodimus Prime would say, "The owners just have better PR." As fans, if we want to be smart about it then we have to send our vitriol, venom, and hatred to those gentlemen in the owner's boxes. Is any of it gonna matter? Probably not.

Let's pray that this gets resolved soon. We got that thirst for the football, and if Roger Goddell and DeMaurice Smith can't figure it out, then we all lose.


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