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An open letter to the Aaron Rodgers Stanleys

It looks like the some of you were right all along.

Last September, there was an relentless amount of resistance to an article that was published on ETSF, in regards to the premature crowning of Aaron Rodgers. Simply put, the title was Who died and made Aaron Rodgers a top-five quarterback?

When the post was put up, the firestorm came from folks I know, such as The Rev, E-Mill, Keith Norman, and Chad. There was also hell raised from people I have never met in my life. People sent relentless, vitrolic-infused texts to my phone. They left madness on my Facebook wall. The angst, agitation, and annoyance from you people was disturbing, and even if football wasn't the talk of the moment, someone would find a way to bring it back to me writing anything negative about Aaron Rodgers, which I honestly don't remember doing.

At the time, I was just asking a question, and today, I feel compelled to write an open letter to The Aaron Rodgers Stanleys.

Let's make something perfectly clear. I have never hated Aaron Rodgers. I liked him before, and I like him now. When the post was published, it even says I like the guy and he can play some quarterback. My problem was with the folks who were in such a hurry to make the man the greatest thing since sliced bread. At ETSF, we are against premature crownings of any kind, and he was no exception.

When people tried to crown LeBron before he even played a game, I sat back patiently, and while being in awe by his exploits, he wasn't crowned by me, until several years down the road (namely, the 2007 Eastern Conference Finals). Anyway, Rodgers now has a Super Bowl win, and now that he does, I've heard people compare his journey to Steve Young, as well as people say this is only one of many Super Bowls, as if Green Bay didn't back into the playoffs this past season...but whatever.

All I wanted the young man to do was earn it. When folks crown people, it seems like it's done, because they wanna be the first (or one of the first ones) to say "see! I saw it all along!" I mean, it's not a big deal, and I understand why people do it, but still; I just wanted to see the man earn the designation of top-five, before we gave it to him. Yes, he had the stats, but it's like I have said a trillion times: Roethlisberger, Rivers, and Romo had all done the same stuff, but folks have always been super-hesitant to put Roethlisberger top-five, Rivers is a crapshoot (props-wise), and we know how much Romo is critiqued and prodded on.

Well, Rodgers has earned the right to be top-five, because he went through the postseason and did a fantastic job. In the Super Bowl, the man made throws not too many other guys can make. He showed a resolve that was refreshing and truly was calm, cool, and collected.

I won't say a quarterback has to win the Super Bowl to be top-five, but they do need to do more than get some yards, TDs, etc to make their case. Well, the man did work for four weeks in the postseason, and he is officially top-five in the NFL. Hats off to him. That's all some of us, especially me, wanted to see. We just wanted to see him earn it, and as of February 8th, 2011, I am officially drinking The Aaron Rodgers Kool-Aid.

Now that is as far as I will go, in regards to being apologetic. Kudos to the Packers, and if the owners and players agree to play some damn football next season, we'll see if the Pack and Rodgers will do it again.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda
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