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Unsportsmanlike Conduct - 12 tidbits to remember about Super Bowl XLV

Man....I haven't done one of these in ages, but sometimes you've got to go back to the old reliable. If you've been reading ETSF for a minute then you know what this is...

Unsportsmanlike Conduct is an ongoing series in which Ed The Sports Fan brings you the important events, haps, people, and other shenanigans over the past Super Bowl weekend so that you can be thoroughly entertained like when during the Super Bowl festivities I mention my admiration for one Pam Oliver and how great she is, only to be chided and scolded because everyone else thinks she isn't fine. Well you know what, if you got a problem with fine ass Pam Oliver then you got a problem with me, fight me.

Now, let's start the show.

#1. All hail Aaron Rodgers - Okay, for all of you who were quick to crown Aaron Rodgers, your glory has arrived. The man played a phenomenal game, put the ghosts of Lorenzo Favre behind him (even though I personally think that he did that a long time ago), and led a bombed out and depleted football team to the Packers' championship. Its kind of scary to think what this offense would've looked like with a healthy Ryan Grant and Jermichael Finley. Speaking of injuries...

#2. If you think Woodson or Driver quit, you're an idiot - Things I heard yelled, screamed, tweeted, or texted to me last night.
  • "KINFOLK! Why Driver ain't going back in the game? Take a shot and go!"
  • "Woodson is really just sitting over there pouting? Dude get on the field and give it a try!"
  • "Woodson and Driver just pulled a Jay Cutler."
Let me tell you something, if you think Woodson or Driver quit last night, you need your head examined. Just in the same fashion that some of you thought Jay Cutler quit, the outcry from folks saying this was absurd. It wasn't as fierce, because Driver and Woodson are standup guys, but it was still heard. Shame on you, you peons.

#3. Roethlisberger finally crapped out - When the score was 31-25 with two minutes remaining in the game, I turned to the homie Jeremy and said, "Pittsburgh's gonna win this game. Ben Roethlisberger was put on this earth to take the ass and win this game." Truth be told, when Big Ben failed to pull it off I was kinda let down. That's the first time I can remember in the long time that Ben Aura couldn't finish the job. Just an interesting sight to see....

#4. Commercials that were dope - Any of the Doritos' commercials, any of the Pepsi commercials, Transformers movie, Groupon, the Volkswagen "Darth Vader" piece, Thor movie, and this one from Sketchers...fellas, you're welcome.

#5. Commercials that sucked - The Coca-Cola cartoon, any of the Budweiser commercials (interesting note from Darren Rovell, as Bud will pay the NFL $1.2 billion over 6 years to continue to air hideous commercials), and any of the Chevrolet commercials.

#6. People who came up on Super Bowl Sunday besides Heir Rodgers - Eminem, Jarrett Bush, Greg Jennings, Puff, Nick Collins, Mike Wallace, Jordy Nelson

#7. People who lost on Super Bowl Sunday besides Ben R. Kelly - Rashard Mendenhall, Brand Managers of Budweiser and Chevrolet (those commercials were the WORST!), Brett Favre, Big Ben's beard, Andrew Mason (CEO of Groupon), Jerry Jones, and every Steelers defensive back including Troy Polamalu

#8. How good is the Green Bay Packers, really? - Consider the following, losing their starting runningback (Ryan Grant), tight end (Jermichael Finley) and middle linebacker (Nick Barnett) is a big deal. Consider that Rodgers had not one, but two concussions this season. Consider that going into the playoffs that the Pack had to go to his #4 tailback. Yes, they squeezed into the playoffs, but they put on one hell of a run and I'll be the first to admit that I overlooked them after their rash of injuries. This team could've been a 13-14 win team this year. Scary thought.
They're the second-youngest team in the NFL, with all of those players coming back....yep. Super scary.

#9. The playcall the 2011 Packers will be known for - The slant route. The inside slant for the Packers was unstoppable. On the last Packers' touchdown, Polamalu cheated on the slant and Jennings burned him outside for the touchdown. They killed all opponents with that play. Amazing.

#10. On the other hand...
- Pittsburgh is going to be pretty good for awhile too. Three turnovers and nothing getting done by the defense, yet the Steelers were one two-minute drive away from winning a third Super Bowl in 7 years.

#11. God don't like ugly - I don't know what Jerry Jones did, but he did something to someone. The city of Dallas was blitzed with the snow and ice. The traffic was horrendous. The ice was falling and hurting people. There was rolling blackouts. Parties were cancelled and groupies were turned away. Finally, the stadium put up fraudulent seats and fans had nowhere to sit, thus giving them triple-refunds and making them watch the game OUTSIDE! So I got one thing to say...


#12. I am thankful for another phenomenal 2010-11 football season - Who knows if we'll get any football in the Fall of 2011, but I will just be thankful for a great season. The re-emergence of Michael Vick. Arian Foster coming out of nowhere. Julius Peppers proving he's the best defensive lineman in football. The Jaguars' Hail Mary. The Cortland Finnegan beat down, courtesy of Andre Johnson. Tom Brady's no interception streak. Lorenzo Favre. Ray Lewis. Desean Jackson back splashing into the endzone. Desean Jackson pulling off the Miracle in the Meadowlands. Desean Jackson being a jerk and a good guy simultaneously.

I'm thankful. Now let's pray we get some football in the fall, because I need to play in at least four fantasy leagues. Let's go.


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