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It's more than just a game...

Last night on Unsportsmanlike Conduct Radio, Ed and I had the honor of being able to have the homie, Kris Rothstein, tell the story of Terrell Davis, Las Vegas, and a blackjack table. It was, in my opinion, the most entertaining story ever told on the radio.

The man pulled no punches, kept it real, and had our listeners in the chat room, on the phone, as well as folks on Twitter on the edge of their seats. It was classic stuff, and easily shows that the man is one of the most entertaining people you will ever meet.

Even though the story was centered on a football great, it’s another example of how ETSF does our part to bring aspects to the sports experience that any fan can relate to. Some people would hear or see the name of a football great, and be in awe, but instead, it was an example of how right from wrong doesn’t change, no matter who is involved.

When it’s all said and done, no one in their right mind wants their manhood threatened, and when it happens, it’s on like Donkey Kong. Your past exploits mean nothing, which Kris eloquently and colorfully stated for all of us to hear.

Another example is the start of March Madness, the greatest single-elimination tournament in all of sports (don’t get it twisted; the past two days were play-in games, but the tournament starts today). I truly believe that the first two days of March Madness should be national days of observance.

No one is really trying to work on those first two days anyway, so what’s the point of having folks in there, if productivity, morale, and enthusiasm at the job are at an all-time low? On top of that, it’s not about seeing your team, per se, as it is about seeing the birth of some great stories throughout the tournament. As the title says, it’s definitely more than just a game.

Whether it’s conduct that your significant other should adhere to, such as not bothering them when the game is on, or places to go and activities to engage in with a date, they have a sports theme, but they're always about life. For the readers who check out the blog daily, the listeners on the show, and others in-between, the experiences of sports, fandom, and confrontation are all covered here on ETSF.

Now sit back, relax, turn on the TV, and enjoy March Madness to the fullest, and as with every other year, enjoy it for the stories that come along with the tournament, and not just the game. It’ll make it even more enjoyable.

Be easy.

-K. Masenda

P.S. As a reminder, checkout the livest sports talk show around, "The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show" as we are live Wednesday's at 9pm Eastern or Download our podcasts if you missed the live show on iTunes!


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