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The 2011 Chicago Bulls = The 2007-10 Cleveland Cavaliers

Quick story...

Something I've learned over the course of the last 27-ish years of my life, when the homies are winning...you are in fact winning (no duh; I don't believe you, Charlie Sheen). Truthfully, when the homie Ken walks across that stage with his Masters' degree, its going to be a celebration 'round these parts. Same for the homie JKS who's trying to raise $1 million dollars for cancer research. Or my homie Chuck who's saving kids lives one friend at a time. Do work, homies. So on Wednesday night, when we finished interviewing the homie DFJZ and talked about the way folks feel about The Jordan, I had an epiphany. It was like my mind became clear, high-definition clear to be exact. Hell, maybe 1080p. One singular thought came to mind as to who could help us get to the bottom of our thoughts about The Jordan.

"We gotta get an interview with Charles Oakley." - Ed.

Roughly 30 hours later, the homie Oak confirmed via Twitter. God Shammgod is good. End story.

With that being said, let me give a big thank you to the Indiana Pacers for making the playoffs, because I know you all read that title and asked yourselves...what in the hell is Ed talking about?

Why Ed? Why would you care about the lowly Indiana Pacers making it to the playoffs, especially when they barely got in and won't even sniff 40 wins this season?

Well, besides the fact that I used to root pretty heavily for the Pacers in my younger days (you know, before the Thunder came into existence in my home state of Oklahoma), the fact remains that Cincinnati has nothing in the form of professional basketball.

Well, what about Cleveland?

Cleveland is damn near four hours away, and last time I checked they were fighting for a different type of playoff...the playoff to determine who will get the #1 pick in the 2011 NBA Draft. I'll get back to Cleveland in a second.

On the other hand, Indianapolis is roughly 100 miles west of Cincinnati, and the Pacers are now slated to take on the Eastern Conference's best team in the Chicago Bulls. I need to watch the Bulls in person, so I'm going to use this opportunity to "Shock The World" in Indy and watch the Bulls take apart the Pacers; not that the Pacers will be any real challenge, but I need to put my pupils on the red and black.

Reason being, you Bulls Stanleys have been rabid ever since the all-star break, clamoring for the MVP to go to Derrick Rose, which I think should be a closer race than it is. Dwight Howard and even...sigh...Kobe Bryant should get some votes. They're going to get slighted quite heavily in a few weeks. Plus, there's the idea that your squad deserves more respect than its getting. The Bulls can and will win a NBA title and no one believed in us. For all of those proclamations, I have one thing to say to you...


Look, I understand you all have a homegrown do-everything superstar who's leading the way for your team, doing whatever it takes for the Bulls to win games. I understand you all have a defensive-minded head coach who's philosophy has built up a team of ragamuffins and vagabonds into stalwarts of man-to-man defense, spot-up 3-point shooting, and crashing the boards. I understand that you have a mercurial and loquacious big man with tons of hair who is an irritant and despised simultaneously.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Or is it just me?

The fact of the matter is this: who else can you really depend on to score for the Bulls besides Rose? Carlos Boozer? As far as I'm concerned, he might as well be a tall, light-skinneded version of Month Williams. He CAN score, but he's not about that life for real. There's a reason why folks were hesitant to sign him in the off-season. Do we really believe in Tom Thibodeau? I mean, the man was an assistant coach under Doc Rivers, who preached the defensive gospel for the Celtics and helped the C's get to two of the last three NBA Finals. Doesn't that sound like Mike Brown? Mike Brown helped Gregg Poppovich and the Spurs win three titles, yet we saw his true flaws come out in the playoffs, where he was exposed as the offensive coordinator dunce he truly was.

What about Derrick Rose?

For all the hell you all throw on LeBron James' feet for being anti-clutch, and not being able to close the show, when in life has Derrick Rose really been clutch? Do you all not remember all those damn free throws the man missed at Memphis? I went into the YouTubes and searched "Derrick Rose game-winning shot," and do you know how many I found?

One. Against the got damn Wizards in 2010.

Derrick Rose will probably and deservedly win the MVP, but LeBron won two of them, and we all know what that really means at the end of the day...not much. Look, I want the Bulls to prove me wrong; I really do. I'm one of the biggest fans of Joakim Noah out here in these streets, I want the man to prove to the world that he IS in fact that deal. Derrick Rose is awesome, the Chicago playas I went to school with have preached the Rose gospel since he was at Simeon and to win one for the crib would be achieving the Isomotion. Hell, we could see a dynasty sprout out of all of this and they'll come up with those cool caricature tees that the old Bulls had back in the 90's and we'll wear them until they fade.

Just like we were supposed to do for the Cleveland Cavaliers.


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