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The resurrection of Brandon Dawayne Roy

Everyone has either been this person or knows the person I'm about to describe...

Remember in high school when the formulation of the basketball team occurred? There seemed to always be a couple of guys who you knew personally that could ball their ass off courtesy of hooping at the Y, hooping at the rec center, the park, or in someone's driveway. Steady giving folks buckets. However, for one reason or another they either didn't make the team or didn't even bother trying out. The coach had something against them, or they couldn't make the tryout because they had a after-school job, or they mama wouldn't let them play are the usual excuses.

For Brandon Roy, watching him sulk and pout on the bench while watching his team play was a fascinating thing to see versus the Mavs in the playoffs. He knows he's better than everyone on the court yet he can't play. Mama won't let him, if you will. He's the second best player on the court besides Dirk, yet because his coach had lost some confidence in him and his knee is basically made out of chicken wire, plaster paris, balsam wood, fairies wishes, and floss string. Watching the man put his flimsy knee on the line and tell the world that he's out here...was nothing short of phenomenal.

If this post comes off as homerrific then I will apologize now. I've been a fan of Brandon Roy since my cousin in the 206 was telling me about "this high school kid who might be related to me" hooping it up at Garfield High (home of Quincy Jones and Jimi Hendrix) in Seattle. Since he came out of UDubb and emerged as a star right down the road on I-5 from Seattle to Portland, I've always thought he was one of the most under-appreciated superstars we have in this league. In my opinion, its the reason why he's always balled the way he has, with a chip on his shoulder.

So to see the Roy's knee betray him in such a fashion is downright heartbreaking.

“There’s no real hope of it improving,” one league source with direct knowledge of the medical prognosis told Yahoo! Sports on Wednesday. “It’s just about trying to manage it now. He’s not going to be the franchise superstar that [Portland] thought he would be. This isn’t something they consider ‘fixable.’ ”

The Blazers have gathered multiple medical opinions on Roy, but there’s been no clear consensus, no course of action. The scenarios are still wide open. The team could try another surgery. They could limit his minutes, his games, his back-to-back appearances. All of those things are being discussed and likely will be implemented sooner than later. They keep taking Roy to more doctors, but there remains one thing that no one can offer for the beleaguered left knee: a solution.

Another source privy to the discussions between Blazers management, Roy and the doctors, simply says: “It’s bad and it’s not getting better.”

Source: Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports

Portland's head coach Nate McMillian had to make a grown man decision, and made a decision he had to make. Put the man on the bench, and figure out ways for Brandon to contribute in spot opportunities. Save the man's knee. When you do something like that, it hurts a person's pride.

As a man, sometimes you've got to just suck it up and go do whatever you can to contribute. Brandon Roy will probably never be a starter again, and its probably the best thing for him. He plays too damn hard and he doesn't know how to dial it back. What we saw on Thursday might've been the formation of his new role as the 6th man for the Blazers.

"There is nobody in the state, not even Brandon Roy, who wants to see him out on that floor as much as I do," coach Nate McMillan said. "He has meant a lot to this organization. I have not forgotten about him, nor do I disrespect (him) this season. We are bringing (him) along the second half of the season and into the playoffs, trying to create this role for him. It's worked at times, and (Thursday) was one of those examples."

Then came Saturday he made all remember that he is and has always been one of the best closers in the league...

The man has risen up when everyone else had forgotten about him. This could all be a flash in the pan, it might be all she wrote for those knees of Brandon Dawayne Roy, and that's okay. Its up to us to remember what he's done for Portland, and we can only hope that he can find ways to give us more moments like he gave us on Saturday.

LSC all day, homie.

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