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20 years of The Kidd, the best point guard of our generation

As a kid, I can vividly remember hearing about The Kidd.

I remember hearing about this really high yella kid out of the Bay Area who folks were calling the next Magic Johnson in Jason Kidd. In today's era, where high school stars are hyped to no end, there wasn't a basketball player outside of Shaq more hyped than Jason Kidd in the early 90's. Dude was a legitimate phenom back in the day. From when Kidd touched down at Cal Berkeley and shocked the world by beating the defending national champion Duke Blue Devils, to now in his twilight with his second rotation in Dallas and being a true leader as the Mavs make another run at that elusive world championship.

This is the career of Jason Frederick Kidd, the best point guard of our generation.

I remember Jason's first rotation with the Dallas Mavericks. Seeing "The Three J's" of Jason Kidd, Jim Jackson, and Jamal Mashburn playing in the old Reunion Center back in 1995 was an awesome experience. They were all young, uber-talented, and were just figuring out how to play the game. Kidd was the ringleader, and early on you could tell that he had control of the game. Unfortunately, the homewrecker that is Toni Braxton (allegedly) ended all of the Mavericks glory and Kidd started demanding trades and the homie was in Phoenix before we knew what happened.

(Hey Oklahoma City Thunder, please don't let any salacious R&B singers near our basketball players...especially the homie Westbrook, okay? Thanks.)

What we quickly realized in Phoenix, what seemed as the apex in New Jersey, and what has materialized back in Dallas is that Jason Kidd will figure out a way to make his team better. He's always had the old man game, doesn't seem like he's moving real fast but just like that, he's past you. You never really thought about him as a defender, yet he rung up five All-Defensive 1st-team selections. The man never won an MVP, yet I'd at least take away Duncan's 2002 MVP to give it to Kidd. Hell, we can even remember Jason always having a fine mulatto woman on his side, and even when we heard about him having anger issues...we just acted like it never happened.

Of course, whenever you had the chance to play defense on Kidd, there was always one action a defender could take...play off of him and let him shoot the jumper.

They called the man Ason Kidd, no J.


No J.

How absurd is that? I guess everyone has their fatal flaw, if you will. For Kidd, it was his (lack of) shooting ability. So you'll have to excuse my language when I heard that Kidd was now third on the all-time 3-pointers made list I screamed, "THERE'S NO WAY IN HELL THAT'S TRUE! NO FUCKIN WAY!" Of course, we know its true. The man has transformed his game like none other, and now at 38 years old his chance to win a title is now at his feet once more.

We knew there was no chance in hell those horrible yet miraculous Nets teams that the triple-double machine led to the Finals were ever going to actually win a title. He deserved a purple heart just for taking that journey with that band of hooligans and the neophyte of the head coach he had. Now in his last stand back in D-Town, here's his shot at that elusive ring. Can Kidd really be the best point guard of our generation without a championship? It's remarkable, especially seeing that none of the best point guards of our generation (the post-Magic era) have a ring (Stockton, Payton, Nash). It almost seems egregious.

Dirk Nowitzki will get all of the glory if Dallas wins a championship, but Jason Kidd's legacy will get the cherry on top that every great player who doesn't win a title doesn't have on their cake. Kidd needs that cherry. Go get it, homie.


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