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All hail the King

Last night, a changing of the guard took place in the Eastern Conference. The Boston Celtics, a team who set the standard of team basketball for the last four years, relinquished control of their position at the hands of the Miami Heat. For some, it was great to see. For others, it was expected, and for one man, he showed the world that when it comes to closing time, he can get it done.

LeBron James had a three-minute stretch at the end of the game last night that thrilled just about everybody watching, simply due to the fact that the look he had in his eye was unlike anything ever seen from the man as a member of the Heat.

He hit a three to put Miami ahead by three. After a Celtics miss, and a couple of missed shots by the Heat, and an inexcusable turnover by the Cs, he came down and hit ANOTHER three. After the second one, he simply stared straight ahead, did not move one inch from where he drilled the three, and eventually galloped on back to the bench.

At that point, the Celtics were dunzo. The Heatles were in the midst of a finishing off a 16-0 run, and when it was all said and done, Miami moved on, while Boston went home. As Till and I discussed on The UC Show last night, this means a few things:

1) LeBron haters better come up with some new material.
2) People who don't like this man for reasons that are not due to what he does on the court are going to have to give up the ghost eventually (better now than later).
3) Nobody in the East is going to beat them.

Wade did a great job of setting the table and playing amazing basketball against the Celtics all series long, and the rest of the team contributed as well, but Game Five will be remembered for the way LeBron put away the team he, Wade, and Chris Bosh gained inspiration from, in regards to coming together.

He put the hammer and the nails down, and immediately paid homage to the team whose blueprint inspired the Heat to come together. It was pretty refreshing to see, and from someone who's considered by some to be an egomaniac, the respect he paid was proper. At that point, that moment, the changing of the guard in the Eastern Conference was complete.

Now that their stiffest challenge is out of the way (conference-wise; sorry, BC), the Heat are four wins away from reaching the Finals, and when it's all said and done, just make sure those four words are said when they get there:

All hail the King.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda
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