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The funniest game in NBA playoff history

I know this isn’t a conventional title, but last night wasn’t a conventional game. Last night was, without a doubt, the funniest game I have ever seen in my life.

This man pictured above, who plays with Kevin Durant, and who is a point guard, not only took 33 shots, but it seemed like they were coming from everywhere. Seriously, and what made it even funnier was watching it with everyone on Twitter. It was like we all knew what was coming, but even we couldn't predict how funny the night would become.

Do you ever see a player who is so clueless that you can’t even get mad at them anymore? I mean, Russell Westbrook was determined to show the world that he watches Above the Rim before every single game and was convinced to show the world that he is indeed Kyle Lee Watson.

When he took the last shot in regulation, and they showed a view of Kevin Durant, the look of sheer disgust was evident, but if he only knew it would be the beginning of the funniest game in NBA playoff history, then maybe he would have had as much fun with it as the rest of us did. Hell, if anyone should be mad, it should be me. I damn near ran outta tape on my VCR, attempting to record the entire thing.

The man took shots after dribbling down the clock. The man took shots coming out of a timeout. There were times I forgot he had teammates, and it got so foolish that getting angry with him was a waste of time. All you could do was laugh.

When he scored his 34th point of the night, it was almost as if you could hear him scream “I GOT MY CAREER HIGH IN THE PLAYOFFS NOW!” When he took the last shot to go into triple-overtime (or was it double-OT? I don’t remember), tears of laughter came down my face, and I didn’t even attempt to conceal them.

Kris, Tanisha, DFJZ, B-Lew, Jamar, Phil, E-Mill, Matt, Christy, Tamz, Dwayne, and plenty of us were in disbelief and utter shock at the defiance of this young man. I am thoroughly convinced that if you told him, right now, that the world would end tomorrow, he wouldn’t care, because he scored 40 points in a playoff game.

Ed called me afterwards, and the man was at a loss for words, but after he regained his composure, he rambled, ranted, and raved for a good five minutes, while I laughed the entire time. He now realizes that this is officially bigger than any stat sheet can report, bigger than this series, bigger than any apologist rhetoric, Tumblr post, and bigger than anything he’s experienced as a fan of Thunder, and through it all, the laughter continued to flow from within me.

Oklahoma City fans, you may as well not even try to rationalize this anymore. I don’t care that he shot 45%. It was the way in which this young man completely showed a lack of anything sensible, anything resembling “Responsible floor general,” so don’t even waste your time showing me stats. You can show Ed; he might read them, but I won’t. After what has transpired this entire postseason with the Thunder, the proof is in the pudding.

Despite all of that, the game was pretty good. To be honest, there’s no clue who will win this series, but after last night, make sure you’re back in front of your TV come Wednesday, so you can see the funniest player in the NBA back at it again.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda
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