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Joakim Noah is the most wanted player in the NBA

There isn't another player in the NBA like Joakim Simon Noah, period.

I can't think of one championship team that didn't have a player that was extremely polarizing like Noah is. That one guy on the team that you either love to love or love to hate. The man can generate a reaction from almost anyone just by touching the ball, scowling, arguing with the ref, or letting out a primal war cry after a savage dunk on offense or a diabolical block on defense. The man has a tendency to do things to make himself hated.

Noah loves it, relishes it, and basks in it. Which is why I love the man when he steps on the basketball court.

Let me guess though: it was that seersucker suit he wore for the draft, wasn't it?

When I ask a lot of basketball heads on why they don't like Joakim Noah, I usually get hit with the same beatbox of responses.

"Man, I never liked him in college."

"Man, he's not really that good."

"Man, he's always talking crazy and doing stupid things."

You name it, I've heard it as to why the man isn't liked. How can you not like a man who lays it all on the line, plays balls to the wall on every single play, and genuinely cares about his teammates well being? It's just foreign to me.

All this for a man who doesn't have a discernible offensive skill. All this for a man who plays CENTER weighing roughly as much as Kenny (215 pounds). All this for a man who hasn't met a hot comb he didn't like. How can you NOT like him?

Okay fine, his hair seems ridiculous, he's super-high yella, and his mouth is always running; we get it.

However, let's not act like his personality isn't EXACTLY what the Chicago Bulls team needs. Rose's quiet confidence aside, there's no one on that squad who can be the emotional leader like Noah. He was built for this, remember? Let's not act like those Gators teams don't win a title without WAH-KEEM acting a fool, pumping his chest, re-doing his ponytail, and making hustle play after hustle play didn't matter. Those are the same things he does now, and he just finds ways to make winning plays for his team. Opposing teams hate him, they can't wait for him to get off the court, and they will do whatever it takes to shut Noah the hell up.

If you asked players in public how they feel about him, they'd probably say that they hate him. However, if you asked those same layers in private, away from the cameras and the media, I would bet cash money that those same folks would love to have WAH-KEEM NOAH on their team. Why? Because Noah knows how to win, play for others, and give a complete effort whenever he laces 'em up.

All hail Joakim Simon Noah. Keep carrying that chip on your shoulder and keep being the most hated man in the league. Makes it more fun on my end when I go and buy that seersucker outfit you hit us with in the draft, and I might blow my hair out. Oh boy.


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