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The victory cigar all-stars

My Uncle Bill tells a funny story about the Boston Celtics M.L. Carr back in the 80's...

"Man, we used to go to the bar and watch basketball from time to time, just to get out the house and what not. Whenever the Celtics would decide to whoop up on the team they were playing against, my buddy Sam would yell out 'ITS ML TIME!'. Miller Lites for M.L. Carr. If there were two minutes left in the game when ML entered, then we'd have to get two beers and talk to two women. Sometimes the Celtics would whoop up on 'em so bad, that we'd have to double-back and talk to the each other's women in the bar. Woooo....those were some fun days." - Uncle Bill

Michael Leon Carr wasn't the first, but he was the first embodiment of "The Victory Cigar" player of my generation. When he stepped on the court, you just KNEW the game was over. When the "BEAT 'EM DOWN" happens, the "Teddy Ballgames" happens, and the dagger is struck...you know the Victory Cigar All-Stars are coming.

Bobby Hansen, 1991-92 Chicago Bulls - The man played a grand total of 69 minutes in the 22 Bulls playoff games. When you are the primary backup of Michael Jordan, you won't get many minutes. Hansen's most notably known for going in for The Jordan in Game 6 versus the Blazers when The Jordan hit the wall. A key three in the corner, a steal on Jerome Kersey, and the Bulls were rolling to their second NBA title.

Outside of that though, Bobby Hansen was just lighting the stogies for Phil Jackson and the Bulls.

Carl Herrera, 1994-95 Houston Rockets - The man played a grand total of 6 minutes in 22 Rockets playoff games. He was the third-string center on the Rockets behind Hakeem Olajuwon and Zan Tabak...yep, Zan Tabak. The Trinidadian legend was most known for yelling out random gibberish from the bench and wearing that #7 as a big man and confusing the hell outta me because he shouldn't be wearing #7. (Random: You ever feel like certain players shouldn't wear certain numbers? I've been meaning to do a blog on this for a minute...but I digress.)

Randy Brown, 1995-96 Chicago Bulls - I probably should've picked Dickey Simpkins or Jud Buechler off of this team, but there wasn't anyone I hated more on this Bulls team than Randy Brown. Why? Because when The Jordan was having "his moment" on Father's Day, holding and cradling that basketball mourning the passing of his pops...this neanderthal, nincompoop, and vile miscreant Randy Brown is trying to hug the man, take the talking basketball away from him, and get all up in the camera for no damned reason. Randy Brown, go get you a championship t-shirt, get your champagne, and go frolic with some women and your family man...damn.

Mark Madsen, 2000-01 Los Angeles Lakers - Also known as the dancing mistrel, Madsen was the original Psycho T aka Tyler Hansbrough...just with a lot less talent. Mr. Go Hard was always playing a half-step too hard, and when he got those garbage minutes everyone feared for their life. But ummmm, yeah about that dance...

Darko Milicic, 2004-05 Detroit Pistons - You all know about arguably one of the five worst draft picks in NBA, Mr. Darko Milicic, the man who was supposed to help make the Pistons a dynasty playing along side Ben and Rasheed Wallace...remember him? Well, at least he got a ring. Good for him.



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