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The Zach Randolph gospel

The Zach Randolph Gospel should have been written on here years ago.

The story of a man, who has an endless amount of post moves, uses his athleticism about as efficiently as anyone in the league, and a man who is a tremendous rebounder should have been told on ETSF many moons ago.

A man who is a disciple of Tom Izzo at Michigan State, someone who came up through the Trailblazers, went through the Knicks and Clippers, but has made Memphis his home should have been told on here long, long, long ago.

People say he’s not a tremendous athlete, but one thing about basketball is the players who are wise enough to use the athleticism they do have as little as possible and instead rely on being shifty, crafty, and smart are the ones who can play forever.

Zach Randolph may have about as much athletic ability as a can of soup, a phone charger, and an alarm clock, but he also has the equivalent of a basketball IQ to someone who’s a radiologist, an astrophysicist, and an orthopedic surgeon.

Simply put, the man is brilliant on the basketball court, and especially in the low-post, where real men play.

So why does today signal the first-ever full feature on Zach Randolph on this site? Well, it’s simple: because I am an idiot. Outside of an extended tirade on Twitter during the All-Star debate when I said Randolph should be an All-Star over Blake Griffin and Kevin Love, there hasn’t been much love shown his way, and for someone who prides himself on being a responsible fan, this oversight is irresponsible.

Zach Randolph has been one of the most overlooked power forwards for years now, and despite being through things that aren’t necessarily desirable off-the-court, the fact of the matter is the man has always been able to play basketball. He’s someone that, if you were able to watch the Grizzlies this season, or during his time before, can get it done. The man shoots a high percentage, makes free throws, stays out of foul trouble, and is a tremendous rebounder; speaking of which…

The man is responsible for the term “Z-Bound,” something that can only be fully appreciated for its audacity and comedic value by the collective reaction of basketball fans who aren’t used to hearing Grizzlies basketball commentated by the Grizzlies broadcast team, and since the man averages well over ten boards a game, there are more than enough times you’ll hear “Z-Bound” in a game.

Zach Randolph is a leader of men now. Some people may balk at that, but when the Grizzlies need a bucket, who do they turn to? When things look chaotic on the court, they turn to Randolph to calm things down. The man plays with a confidence that’s contagious, and it’s obvious how much his team appreciates him. When people think about the Grizzlies first playoff win, and their first playoff series win, they’ll remember the man who led the team was Zach Randolph. People always remember their first time, and with him being at the forefront, it makes what they’ve accomplished so far even more special.

He’s been a part of turning the Grizzlies from a laughingstock to a team and an organization that has to be respected now. This process started last season, when they barely missed the playoffs, to this season when they made it as an eight-seed, and with a strong core of players, along Zach Randolph leading the way, the Grizzlies will be around for years to come.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda
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