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Aint no party like a Dallas watch party

This was the scene in American Airlines Center last night.

Wait; the game was in Miami. It was in American Airlines Arena. Why are all these seats filled at the American Airlines Center in Dallas?

For the first two games of this series, I have watched the games at the AAC, and both games have been packed. For someone who lives here, I have rarely seen the arena as live as this, and there's not even a game being played on the floor. Year-after-year, the gripes from some fans is that the AAC isn't loud enough, but if this is an indicator of what's left, then home court advantage will actually mean something around here.

Last night was weird; just all-around nuts. About midway through the third quarter, the amount of fury, frustration, and f-bombs that came from Section 106 was unreal. The type of concern, condemnation, and cuss words are not suitable for this blog. After Jason Terry committed bonehead play after bonehead play, I was ready to go burn that man's house down.

The Mavs were turning over the ball, the Heat were having a damn dunk-fest, and it just seemed like the life was being sucked out of the building. When Wade hit a three in the fourth to go up by 15, a extreme number of epithets flew from my mouth, which included a description of wasting my gas and time to come downtown just to watch the Mavs give up the butt.

However, something happened that has been the theme of the playoffs for this team. They didn't quit. They kept playing. The people came back to life. The building started shaking. My sister Andrea was going nuts, the homies McQuayd and Brandon Biggers were in shock, and we all sat there and just hoped this would manifest in a Mavs win, so when Dirk hit the trey to go up three, The Crunk Meter exploded.

Ric Flair struts were busted all through the aisle, Kevin Garnett howls emanated from our section, and other celebratory madness ensued. When Chalmers answered with a three, we all got quiet, but when Dirk took Chris Bosh to the hole to get the dub, we went crazy again.

My voice is gone. Strangers were high-fived, babies were hysterical, and other pleasantries were shared. Yes, it was great to get the dub, and let's be for real; had the Mavs gone down 2-0, the mood around here would be bleak.

Luckily, it's now tied up and essentially a best-of-five. What made everything even better was taking it in with basketball fans who packed out the arena, as well as the hundreds that were outside, and we did it all in the name of the game we love...

...and to think, there's still more to go. One game at a time.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda
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