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The basketball movie scene that stole the soul from my body

I need a break from talking about LeBron's legacy, the Finals, college football going to hell in a hand basket, and any other chicanerous tomfoolery that you people might be talking about on this glorious Thursday.

Back in 2003, as a junior at THE Langston University, I was privileged enough to have a roommate named Jovan from Chicago. Jovan's the type of guy that will get you in all types of shenanigans, both good and bad, but somehow you will be better for it at the end of the day. Good guy. However, I will never forgive the man for allowing my soul to be stolen in such a fashion like it did when my band of hooligans watched the movie "Rebound: The Legend Of Earl 'The Goat' Manigault" starring Don Cheadle.

At this point, Don Cheadle might as well be the greatest actor who ever lived. Why? You might ask. Well, do you know how hard it is to play a New York basketball legend who also delved into the infamous drug as "The Cocaine"? How do you study for that role? Does Chris Rock give "Pookie" lessons on the weekend to up and coming thespians on how to act crack-ish? These are the things I've asked myself at three in the morning playing Madden while pondering life's great mysteries.

Anyway, if you have seen the movie Rebound or if you happened to miss it during the 223498723 reruns the movie had on HBO, TMC, USA, TNT, TBS, WGN, WB, FX and any other lettered acronym network you can come up with then here's the reader's digest version...all co-signed by the great and bitter Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

- Earl "The Goat" Manigault was the livest hooper maybe of all-time by the time he was in junior high. 57 points in a game in junior high will do that. Kareem even said so.

- Goat used to hustle cats by hooping and making change off the top of the backboard. Kareem even said so.

- Goat was groomed by Holcombe Rucker and was a Rucker Park legend. Kareem even said so.

- Goat played ball at Johnson C. Smith College, but only lasted one semester due to bad grades, weed smoking, and a coach who didn't like his style of play like at Rucker Park's "jive-ass tournaments." Kareem even said so.

- Goat hung out with a bad crowd, and by bad crowd I mean other hoopin' weed smokers, Puertoricans who liked to rob folks (let the jokes on Ed commence), and Vietnam war veterans who got addicted to that cocaine. Kareem even said so.

So when Goat finally got arrested for hanging out with the Puertoricans, they had to put him in a "rehab/jail" facility because he had so much coke in his body. Of course, Goat was about that life and didn't take the morphine the doctors suggested to get him off the coke. The man decided to go cold turkey, which then provided the worst greatest basketball movie scene in my entire life. (Watch up to 1:20)

Three things...

1) Man....when Goat yelled out, "Heeeey.....HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYY" man my soul died three times.

2) Man....when Goat was living in the moment was crossing people up in his mind, and had the shivers and shakes simultaneously, my soul died another 212 times.

3) Man....when Goat punched the wall after shaking the door of his cell like Ultimate Warrior did back in '88, I thought I had nothing else to live for. I was truly sad.

I'm not proud of this moment, and I want to personally blame Jovan for all of this...but I've never laughed and cried so hard in my entire life. I literally couldn't breathe, my chest was sore, and I think the RA of our building came up to our apartment because of complaints of the hooligans in my spot making an egregious amount of noise at 3:47 am.

Thank you Don Cheadle, you are one acting ass dude homie. Goodness gracious.


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