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The love/hate relationship people have with Monta Ellis

Often times here on ETSF Ken and I will tend to disagree with one another. To be fair its the reason why this site is kinda the dopest sports blog on the internets. Over the last week, with the NBA Draft taking place and and talks of player movement rampant within the league, there was one player that just seemed destined to move from his current team.

Monta Ellis.

For every detractor (Ken) who says that Monta can't win games, isn't a leader, and is only out for himself...there's a supporter (Me) who says that he's a prolific scorer, can hit big shots, and has never been in the right situation to help his team ultimately succeed. However, the ultimate question really is this...

...would you want Monta Ellis on YOUR team?

This is not an attack on Ken's viewpoint, because I can readily see why folks don't think that Monta Ellis will ever amount to being anything more than just a scorer. He doesn't have great court vision, he's not stellar on the defensive side of the ball, and will force tough shots instead of running the offense. All of those things are true about Monta, which leads me to ask one more question....

...what's the difference between who I described in Monta as Allen Iverson?



(taps fingers)

You either just did one of three things:

1) You just cussed me all the way out
2) You hit the X button and ceased reading this slanderous article
3) You sat there and couldn't come up with a difference

Now realize that I'm not saying that Monta Ellis is as good as Allen Iverson, not in the slightest. However, they are 100% built from the same mold. I've always found it interesting who we as sports fans gravitate our allegiance towards. We loved Iverson because he had that edge, rocked the cornrows unabashedly, and played balls to the wall. Although Monta's a bit more maligned with his southern drawl, and rocks the taper fade with 100+ tattoos on his body, I've never seen Monta Ellis not go out there and leave it all on the floor. Monta will dunk on you, take it to the rim on 2-3 defenders, and in the open floor he's one of the best finishers this league has.

I would argue that Monta does need to get up on out of Dodge aka Golden State and play for a team that could utilize his skills more efficiently. When Iverson was at his peak, Larry Brown put a system around him that allowed Iverson to focus on being a scorer...that's it. Why couldn't someone find that opportunity for Monta? Hey Minnesota Timberwolves, you got a 6'5" spanish point guard who likes passing the ball, how about you all make a move for Monta and have someone in the back court who can actually fill it up. Just a thought.

Monta Ellis is just 25 years old, and over the last two years he's averaged 25, 5, and 4. He's been snubbed as an all-star, didn't even get an invite to Team USA, and half of you people don't like him for reasons that are still unclear to me. Let's hope Monta gets off the Warriors and can take his talents elsewhere, maybe we'll appreciate it him after he's chucked the deuces.



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