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The Heat are learning how to close the show

It's something that Kenny and I went back and forth on for about 3-4 months. Who's going to close the show for Miami...D-Wade or LeBron? It was a great conundrum to have, I mean when you have 2 of the 5 best players on your squad you can never be accused of not having options. Yet, on three separate occasions this season we saw the Heat turn into a dormant, decrepit, doltish, and dull team that couldn't generate any semblance of an offense. Some of the ugliest basketball a fan could watch.

Yet in the postseason, they have now turned into a refined unit capable of eviscerating anyone who lies in their path of greatness. How in the hell did this happen?

One of the best NBA writers out today, Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski spoke about how the NBA's worst fears are coming to life as Miami's superstars figure out how to strike in the final quarter.

Once, these fourth quarters were an albatross for the Heat, a sluggish death march of ghosts and goblins. Once, these Heat were paralyzed with uncertainty, with uneasy glances between LeBron James and Dwyane Wade(notes). Now, those memories of failures are nothing but fortification for these Heat.

They’re running on a fearsome blend of ferocious defense and spectacular shot-making in fourth quarters. This is everyone’s worst nightmare in the NBA come to life. Together, James and Wade had 46 points, 19 rebounds and 11 assists. Chris Bosh(notes) had 19 points and nine rebounds. The Heat’s stars come hard, come unforgiving and come again and again.
Read Wojnarowski's full article on Yahoo! Sports.

We have to be careful to make conclusions after one game. I mean, we did watch Miami versus Chicago, right? Miami has figured out a way to make teams play ugly basketball on both ends of the floor, which in turn puts their elite players in a position to succeed. Ugly basketball takes some of the structure out of the game, and allows Wade and James to gamble more on passing lanes, play for the weakside block, and funnel opportunities into fast breaks. Miami is becoming everything the world feared they would, they're turning into a machine. Hell, they're figuring out how to get everything they can out of Chris Bosh...that is scary.

Dallas' depth doesn't matter anymore at this point, they've got to play with some fire in the belly. Get tough, punch someone in the mouth, and start talking crazy. Otherwise, this might end quickly. Let's hope not.


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