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The 5 free agents and NFL teams that need to join forces

Regardless of what we have heard over the last couple of days about the NFL lockout potentially ending, I've moved past the point of waiting for the lockout to end and am just going to assume that the lockout will end soon. Is that a tad foolish? Probably, but there's too much hanging in the balance not to address the fact that there are some elite players currently sitting in free agency that could really help your favorite NFL team make a legit playoff run this winter.

So after doing some crack research (google) and hitting up a few of my sources (via twitter) I came up with the five players and five teams that need to unite in 2011.

1. Nnamdi Asomugha to the Dallas Cowboys

(I'm going to pause for the cause real quick for all the Cowboys fans clean themselves up after reading that first line....okay.)

I have never seen so much slander sent towards one defensive player on a consistent basis more than Terrence Newman of the Dallas Cowboys. Even when the man actually makes a good play, everyone acts surprised and still cusses the man out like he's not worth a scrub fart. By the way, I'm explicitly talking about Kenny right now. Anyway, if...and this is a big if...the Dallas Cowboys make a run at Nnamdi, I truly believe it could change the game for Dallas. For all of the playmakers they have on the defensive side of the ball, they have no one worth a damn in the secondary. Think of it as a Charles Woodson Effect, where adding an elite defensive back instantly boosts the entire defense.

(Random: If the Cowboys sign Asomugha, prepare for Cowboys fans to irritate the bejesus out of you for days.)

2. Deangelo Williams to the Washington Redskins

Man, it took me 12 minutes to try and start naming legitimate running backs for Washington. I'm going to save you the time and straight up tell you that there is no one really worth a damn on the Redskins depth chart...at running back. Since we all realize that Daniel Snyder has the deep pockets and are trying to give (Insert Random QB here) a chance to run a successful offense. Deangelo Williams over the last 2-3 years has solidify himself as a top-10 tailback for a team that was deplorable. Major upgrade for the 'Skins.

3. Matt Light to the Chicago Bears

Jay Cutler got sacked 52 times last season, the most of anyone in the NFL. Hey Jay...throw the damn ball sooner bruh. Hey Lovie...go tell management to sign an available pro-bowl offensive tackle who can protect literally the best quarterback the Bears have ever had in 50 years. Done deal.

4. Santonio Holmes stays with the New York Jets

I can guarantee that mark Sanchez wants to keep all of their free agent wideouts, but if he had to choose one that he needs to keep...it would have to be Santonio Holmes. Top-end speed, top-end route runner, and a big game performer...you don't find those just laying around. You can find someone to replace a Braylon Edwards with another big & physical wideout who can make a play on the ball, you can't always find someone who is reliable and dependable every time he steps on the field. Rex will make sure Santonio's repping Gang Green in '11.

5. Matt Hasselbeck/Donovan McNabb to the Minnesota Vikings

If the Minnesota Vikings go into Week One with Christian Ponder as their starting quarterback, I wouldn't be surprised if Adrian Peterson literally stayed in the locker room. What, is AD supposed to carry the ball 40 times a game? What is Ponder going to do in year one? Nothing.

Matt Hasselbeck and Donovan McNabb have been field generals for teams that have had mediocre talent for many of years. For what they have in Minnesota, they have an elite tailback, elite wideouts, tight ends, and an offensive line to match...plus a top-3 defense? Minnesota's window is still open, but they need someone who can play smart football and distribute the rock accordingly. Hasselbeck and McNabb can do that. Zygi Wilf...make it happen, captain.

Wild Card: Braylon Edwards to the Jacksonville Jaguars

Why? Because between David Garrard's inaccuracy throwing the ball and Blaine Gabbert being a wide-eyed, bushy-tailed, green rookie quarterback...we sure could use someone who can go get the ball. Plus, Braylon likes to do egregious things like doing the Dougie in the endzone and act reckless off the field. As a Jacksonville Jaguars fan, our team is kinda boring...so bring the reckless, Braylon; bring the reckless.

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