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Fan's perspective: The 1999 US women's soccer team

I shed a real tear this morning.

As I was waking up and contemplating on attending church service at New Prospect Baptist church or Bedside Baptist, (Bedside obviously won) I was confronted by SportsCenter doing a special on the 1999 US Women's World Cup team. The 1999 Women's World Cup, held in the U.S., was the successor to the 1994 Men's World Cup that was hosted in States as well. It was a time where fans were prideful and patriotic, people wanted a reason to watch soccer, and the one key difference of the men's '94 team and this women's '99 team was a stark one.

That men's team wasn't worth a damn, this women's team was the best in the world.

The fact that I can rattle off damn near the entire '99 team might not be a shock to you, "Man, you are ED the sports fan." However, I bet YOU can name a good amount of players on that team. Hamm, Scurry, Foudy, Akers...and Brandi Chastain. All of those players memorable for a variety of reasons, from being arguably one of the greatest athletes in U.S. history (and maybe best women's soccer player ever) to the women who left an image burned in our head that symbolized the future of female athletes feeling empowered to stand as a champion, and to feel proud to be the woman that they are.

That was one real tear, it was a thug tear too...but it was shed. It surprised the hell out of me, but those goosebumps I had let me know I wasn't having an allergic reaction or something. A proud moment for any sports fan, and I'll be tuned in to the United States vs. Brazil today at 11:30 in the Women's World Cup quarterfinal on ESPN. Enjoy it.



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