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I am not worried about a lockout....yet.

It is officially July, in my opinion the worst and greatest month of the year. It is the worst month of the year as a sports fan, because unless you've got your head in baseball or we're blessed to have the World Cup/Olympics hit the calendar at the right time...there is literally nothing else going on. However, its great because July is my birth month (28th, please send gifts...thanks) and its generally a time where I can vacation and get away from all the evil that is my day job.

But let's be real, what are we really sitting here talking about right now with sports in 2011? Lockouts. It is possible, that we could get into a situation where if the NFL doesn't figure it out, that by November the three major American sports leagues could all be in owner-player labor hell. Our lives would be ruined, we'd be forced to be productive with our lives, or the crime rate will go up.

The fact of the matter is this, we are with a single point of failure with pro sports, and if they take away the NFL, the NBA, or MLB...there is no real substitute, and as a sports fan there is nothing that could happen for me to forgive the owners and players of such a heinous act.

Let me clear about something, I'm all about getting paid. Get that money and stack it from the floor to the ceiling to the clouds. For sports fans, its almost better for us to just be ignorant and scream "I dont' care what happens, just figure it out! We want our (insert sport here) and we want it now!" Naivete is the name of the game, why? Because it makes our life easier. We don't want to get in the menusha that is the labor relations and try to make common sense of it, hell we can't even get our own labor relations in order and make common sense of it. So I understand how many of you would want to spare yourself from the headache.

Here's the truth, the economy has caught up with the professional sports leagues. Owners are losing money, players aren't getting enough money...and vice versa. That's all you need to know. So that's why I choose not to talk about the lockout, because the old men in my family always told me not to talk about another man's money and what you think they should do. You ain't in their shoes, so stay out of their damn business.

Here's the thing I will say though...it doesn't take 4-5 months to take care of business. I remember when my homie asked to borrow $50 to pay a bill, I said cool. When his next paycheck came, I waited 24-48 hours to see if he'd bring me my money...no response? Cool. I hit him up, asked "where's my money at?" and I got my $20. We handled it. If he didn't give me the money, then he knew a fight came with that decision. Either way, I was getting my money.

I bet you all didn't know I was about that life like that, huh?

That's why I am not concerned about the NBA lockout, not one bit. Why? Because I haven't missed one game of basketball, yet. I am pissed about missing the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, but that's a different story for a different day. If the NFL misses one game...then they got a fight coming with that, and it'll be from sports fans.

Hey Roger and DeMaurice...

*pounds fists*

...time's running out. I'm going to go play Call of Duty, work on my guerilla warfare tactics and acts of skull duggery. Hurry up and don't make me come over there.



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