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Some things will always be funny

It's a given that when you fully invest yourself in sports, you're sure to see some things that will last a lifetime. You'll remember where you were when a certain game went down, or when someone won their first championship, when someone choked, etc. It's a given in this life we as sports fans live. We wouldn't have it any other way.

There are also things that will make you laugh and that will always be funny. No matter what's going on or what mood you're in, when someone starts a sentence with "You remember when," a riot of comedic proportions is likely to follow. If the event is something that has lived over a long period of time, there's no telling how bastardized the story has become. Sure, the event did occur, but with any event that's comedic in nature, there is sure to be some embellishment.

It's no different from if you got whuppings as a child, or if you got cussed out by your girl in public (not that something like that has happened to me), or if your mama came and put on a show in front of all your friends, because you were somewhere you weren't supposed to be. Tell any of those stories in the present, and they're likely not to resemble exactly what happened, but since it's something you can laugh about now, it's okay to play it up a little bit. In the case of these particular instances, the shoe definitely fits.

Kobe Bryant v. Chris Childs

Kobe can win five more championships, five more Finals MVPs, and attain any other basketball milestone there is to claim, but it still won't erase the fact that he caught a two-piece special courtesy of Chris Childs. One of the running jokes here is that Childs is pretty much exonerated from any potential negative behavior in the future, because he did to Kobe what he had coming to him. The thing that makes this even sweeter is that Childs didn't start it! See, we have video!

All they're doing is typical basketball stuff; talking crazy and not respecting each other's personal space. Childs nudged him with his head, but when you throw an elbow at someone, forearm shiver or otherwise, it has all the makings to go down. Well, it did, and between Childs piecing Kobe up, Kobe acting like he really wanted to fight, Childs backing up, and then Ewing and Shaq randomly talking crazy to each other, it pretty much equals one of the funniest things I've ever seen in the NBA...and one of the most priceless.

The Moss-a-cre of Darrelle Revis

In January 2010, Darrelle Revis did an interview with Deion Sanders. He was basically being crowned as the best corner in football, and even for people who disagreed, it was understandable why he was getting so much due.

Revis had pretty good success against damn near every receiver in football, and while sitting down for the interview with Prime Time, he proceeded to talk just a little too crazy for my liking. Since the interview was done in January, it wasn't until the next season (roughly eight months) when Moss and Revis would get the chance to match up again.

In Revis' defense, he was merely answering Prime's request of word association, but calling Randy Moss a slouch is about as bad as Idris Elba tryna punk Frank Lucas in American Gangster. When you do something that stupid, you've pretty much signed your death certificate.

Oh, when this happened, people lost their damn minds. The reactions on Twitter were priceless, the phone calls, texts, and status updates on Facebook were numerous, and the obituary that was written for Revis was so well-done that it was even repeated live on The UC Show. Seeing someone get burnt has never been funnier.

Tracy McGrady booms on Shawn Bradley

Six years later, I still laugh at this play as if I'm seeing it for the first time. In April 2005, I was fresh off the sands, but still in the "online" mindset. When McGrady baptized Bradley, I nearly jumped through the ceiling, and my body quickly reminded me that I should probably sit my ass down.

Watching it on TV did it no justice, and for someone who has been in the AAC for a game, the crowd reaction to this play is something that rarely happens in there. It was for good reason, though. The crowd knew they just saw something absolutely nasty.

There's not too much better than having T-Mac break down the play in all of its pain, agony, and fury. On top of that, it really is the last memory I have of Shawn Bradley playing basketball.

Adrian Peterson trucks William Gay

Now if there's anything that gives the Moss-a-cre a run for it's money, it's Adrian Peterson running over William Gay. Plays like this aren't supposed to happen in the NFL. Players get run over all the time, but it has never been this funny...

Sure, you can see something like this in pee-wee, high school, or college, but from the way Peterson set the run after the catch, to Gay being in the wrong place at the wrong time, to Peterson running through him like he wasn't even there, AND THEN to Gay reaching up toward the heavens like he was seeing little birds over his head, it was simply...perfect.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda


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