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The UC Show: Aug. 24 - Peyton Manning's neck looks like a slinky

From the doldrums that the Miami Hurricanes are in, to the beatdown that the Georgetown Hoyas took by the Chinese delegation, to Kenny Masenda stating that Peyton Manning's neck is out here looking like a slinky....its safe to say that the homie Kris Rothstein is having a bad week. On this edition of The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show, we bring the friend of the show on to discuss (have a therapy session) on his beloved teams and figures. Plus, Ed speaks on the craziness that is Chris Johnson not getting paid by the Titans and Desean Jackson's true value on the Philadelphia Eagles. Oh, and a caller figures out a way to get Kenny's feathers ruffled.

Download and enjoy.

8:00 – 8:15: Get your hands outta my pocket! Should Chris Johnson get paid?

8:15 – 8:30: What is the true value of Desean Jackson?

8:30 – 8:50: Kris Rothstein engages in his self-therapy session

8:50 – 9: A caller figures out a way to get Kenny upset (Hint, its about the Cowboys...)

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Oh yeah, this is the man that got Kenny riled up. Orlando Scandrick....and his $27 MILLLION dollar contract. I want you to know that I had to google search for a solid five minutes to find a halfway decent highlight clip of Orlando...and they gave this man $27 million. Aight.



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