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The 3rd and 21 podcast #theUCshow

We here at ETSF are fortunate to have an actual squad of superb individuals who contribute and participate on this sports blog platform from time to time. From the great Rev. Paul Revere and I'm So Hideous on the blog side and pinch-hitting for Ed (while he takes his talents to Washington, D.C.) on the radio show side is the one and only Eric ClapTillman aka The Till Show.

Its a jam-packed show as Ken and Till talk about debacle that was Monday Night Football between the Redskins and the Cowboys, plus are you ready for some baseball? The playoffs are here and the fellas discuss the pros of getting the long regular season out of the way. Finally some NBA lockout talk and college football discussion close out the show.

Download. Listen. Enjoy.

9:00 - Monday Night Football....6 field goals, McRibs, and Skins fans lose their minds

9:15 - The Bills and Lions have overcame their past

9:30 - Is the NBA lockout really going to happen? What about Kobe and Italy?

9:45 - Is LSU legit? What about OU and Alabama? And can we still call Miami "The U"?

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If you missed it, and I don't know how you would have...after the infamous 3rd and 21 play in the Monday Night game between the Redskins and the Cowboys was followed by Deangelo Hall's tirade in a post-game interview. Hilarity on both levels...well, unless you're a Redskins fan. Then, I'm sorry. *snickers*

Deangelo Hall's post-game tirade after the Redskins' 18-16 loss to the Cowboys.



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