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Are you ready for some football! #theUCshow

On tonight's edition of The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show, its officially time to usher in the 2011 NFL football season. Ken and Ed relive their preparations and rituals to prepare for watching football on Sundays, plus we get into the beginning of the college football season (and those hideous Maryland uniforms) and wonder if certain schools are truly destined for greatness.

Also, the big homie Cuffs The Legend joins the fellas and also disagrees with Kenny about Jay Ratliff and disagrees with Ed about Lawrence Taylor vs. Bo Jackson being be the best Tecmo Bowl player earlier.

Download and enjoy.

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One more thing about those Maryland uniforms...remember the day when Miami had the most radical uniforms out? Now Miami's uniforms looked bland compared to Maryland's. Do the kids really get drawn to this? I'd be curious to know your thoughts on this.



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