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The Dallas Cowboys fan base has to stop being ungrateful

September 18, 2011
7:43 P.M.

To the fans of the Dallas Cowboys,

Cowboys fans, we’re two games into the season, but some things that have transpired trouble me deeply. For the record, this is not to question your love for the team. If there’s one thing that’s truly evident over the years, it’s that we all have our way of showing that we love the Dallas Cowboys. Our relationship with the team is unique and it is one that only teams with a championship pedigree can understand.

If a team has never experienced championship success, then it is not totally fair to expect them to understand why we expect so much from our team. Sure, we haven’t won a Super Bowl in over 15 years, but I can say that pretty much all of the Cowboys fans I know that were fans back then have also been fans of the team during the down years since.

With that said, there are some fans who have to understand where we’re at as an organization, and there are some who just have to stop being ungrateful. To take it a step further, I’ll go on record and say that the Dallas Cowboys fan base is the most ungrateful fan base in all of football. Two things have taken place for me to come to the point to where this letter has to be written: the on-again, off-again love-fest with Smiles Austin, and the continuous mistreatment of Tony Romo.

During the first seven minutes of last week’s game against the Jets, Dez Bryant put on a show. It made me smile to see him making mincemeat of the Jets secondary. However, it was very, very early and despite that, it didn’t stop Cowboys fans from uttering some of the most blasphemous statements I’ve ever heard:

“Make Dez the number one receiver!”
“Uh oh, Miles! Looks like you’re the #2 now!”
“Miles who???”

First things first: Dez Bryant is my dude. The man is a monster and I’m looking forward to seeing him become a big-time receiver in this game. However, Smiles Austin has been improving each season to the point where he is a legitimate top-ten receiver in football. You don’t demote a man who’s worked his butt off to be where he’s at by seeing someone do work in one half of one quarter of football. I mean, I know people say stuff in the heat of the moment, but good grief.

Fast-forward to yesterday: Dez doesn’t play (Red Jesus, please take Dez off of punt return), and Smiles has not one, not two, but THREE touchdown catches of various proportions. Smiles Austin is the number one receiver and Cowboys fans shouldn’t be so excited to see something new that we don’t appreciate what we have now.

With that said, it leads me to our final subject, Mr. Tony Romo.

For a team who has seen the likes of Chad Hutchinson, Drew Bledsoe (he was good at one point, but he was past his prime when we came here), Drew Henson, and other quarterbacks that I don’t feel like mentioning since Troy Aikman retired, you would think that the Dallas Cowboys fans, of all the fans in football, would appreciate a good quarterback when we get one. Once again though, that’s not the case, and you know why? It’s because fans are dumb as hell.

For some time now, there’s been a small, loyal contingent of Tony Romo supporters that have had to defend him not from fans of opposing teams, but from our own fan base. By small and loyal contingent, the number (in terms of people I personally know) is less than ten.

There’s no need to re-hash last season in detail, so we’ll just look at this season. Romo has a disgraceful interception against the Jets and Cowboy fans were ready to put this man on a slow roaster and grill him into oblivion. For the past seven days, the small and loyal contingent got on our job and defended Romo, much to the chagrin of Cowboys fans who kicked him when he was down, said he doesn’t know how to perform in the clutch, that he sucks, that he’s overrated. You name any negative trait and it was labeled next to Romo, and it was coming from the fans of the team.

Yesterday, he gets hurt, comes off the field, and people have the audacity to act like we haven’t seen this story before. This man was on the sideline doing everything to get back in the game.

No quarterback on the team gives the Cowboys a better chance to succeed than Tony Romo. Hell, there are people who like Romo, yet utterly despise the Dallas Cowboys who understand that, yet the fan base doesn’t.

Anyway, Romo comes back in from an injury, and leads the Cowboys on a furious comeback. On the sideline, right before the last drive in regulation, he was seen with Jesse Holley and it was as if he was telling him that he was gonna be called on to make some plays. We saw what happened after that. Along with the defense playing another solid game, the team getting a coming-out performance from Jesse Holley and Smiles Austin’s effort, the Cowboys win in overtime.

Randy Galloway, one of my favorite people in the world, has said for years that it’s all about the quarterback. If we don’t have Romo, we go from a decent team to a putrid team. Ask any team who has poop at the quarterback position and they’ll say the same thing. Hell, some Cowboys fans know this already, but they’re so caught up in foolishness that it falls on deaf ears.

Charles Jackson said something that I never thought of after the dub yesterday: Romo, Smiles, Ogletree and Holley are guys who, at one time, we didn’t expect anything from, but they have either made big plays over the years, or are now being counted on to be consistent contributors to this rebuilding effort (yes, we are rebuilding. We’ll suck this year, but it’s a part of the process.) The man is absolutely correct.

The Triplets aren’t walking through that door. Jimmy isn’t, either. It’s a new Cowboys team and we have to ride or die with these dudes. Sure, you can criticize them when necessary. Hell, I do it all the time, but do so within reason. Don’t say stuff just to be saying it. It’s not a good look.

Dallas Cowboys fans, appreciate the fact that we have a damn good quarterback here. We have one that at least 15-20 teams would love to have. Stop being stupid, stop being sheep, and stop being ungrateful. If you love the Dallas Cowboys, show that same love for Tony Romo.

With sincerity and love,
Kenny Masenda, a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan

-K. Masenda


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