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Lorenzo Favre: the most relevant quarterback of my generation

Tonight is the night that the NFL is officially back and playing regular season football. Syreeta, Joslin, and the crew are going to have their kickoff party in D.C. I imagine Ed, Jeremy Smith, Charles Davis, and the other homies will all be somewhere posted up.

Shoot, I’m putting off my gym time tomorrow after work, so I can be back home in time for kickoff. However, it will be bittersweet because it will be a kickoff, A.F. (After Favre.)

Watching Lorenzo Favre on the field was cinematic, HD, 3D, pay-per-view, standing room only, and whatever type of euphemism you could think of. We got every genre of film when watching Lorenzo Favre. No other quarterback gives me that feeling; not one.

Watching Lorenzo Favre succeed was the ultimate high; watching him fail was the ultimate gut-wrenching ending to a film. Some people laughed at him; some people felt the pain along with him. The thing is this: you always felt something. Always.

Favre threw interceptions to end NFC Championship games and it was like seeing Alonzo Harris die at the end of Training Day, or like seeing The Don take his last breath and fall over. Alonzo did some suspect and unscrupulous stuff in Training Day, but hey; he was still Alonzo.

Don Corleone did plenty over the years that people didn't like and drew plenty of detractors, but he was still the realest person in the room. He was still The Don. That's Lorenzo Favre and, through it all, he did more than enough good things to justify the bad, and that’s why he’s not only remembered, but revered.

As I told Ed in his underrated piece “No Celebration for an Old Man,” Favre detractors should be thrilled that he only has one ring, because if he had more, the absurdity, fandom, and adulation Favre gets right now would be ratcheted up to unrivaled levels. This man holds the people in the palm of his hand and, for the first time since I was nine years old, there will be an NFL season starting with no Lorenzo Favre. That brings a sense of sadness that I can’t pretend is not present.

Favre with the Vikings, at 40 years old, still remains as one of the greatest seasons I’ve seen a man have in professional sports. The man was out there having the time of his life, made Sidney Rice a star (if you think I’m lying, look at what Rice did before and pay attention to what he’ll do this season), won Greg Lewis an ESPY, and gave games in the Metrodome the backdrop they haven’t had since Cunningham/Carter/Moss.

To take it a step further, look at the quarterback who some fans hail as the best QB of all-time (which I don't agree with one bit.) Peyton Manning’s neck is out here on a slinky, and people are just now talking about it. Isn’t this man supposed to be the greatest quarterback of our generation? Doesn’t that include that we are supposed to be inundated, brainwashed, and hammered with news of his neck 24/7?

Before the news came out about him not being able to play this weekend, we as fans heard about it a little bit, but it wasn’t near at the fevered, frenetic, and foolish rate that it would be if Lorenzo was questionable to suit up.

Man, if this was Lorenzo Favre, proper homage would be paid. Sportscenter would be showing top ten plays with Favre in a home jersey, road jerseys, top ten segments with his red beard, gray beard, and no beard. You know it’s true, because they damn near did it when he was just deciding if he wanted to come back year-after-year. As dope as Manning is, as well as Brady, Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Vick and others, they will never get that kind of press, because not one of them commands and holds the attention of the masses like Lorenzo Favre.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda


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