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ETSF Fan Handbook: Vol. II - be your own fan

Here at Ed the Sports Fan, Ed and Kenny have done a masterful job laying out some good ground rules for you, the sports fans, to do your best to abide by in the Fan Handbook.

With playoff baseball grabbing hold of you on every pitch, the NFL bye weeks screwing with your fantasy teams and the NHL, yes the NHL, about to face off, there’s no better time to be a fan than right now. And I’m here to tell you, for your own good, be your own fan and celebrate sports the way you always do. Now is not the time to switch your routine or make concessions to please others.

Every time your team takes the diamond, kicks off or drops the puck, be where you want to be with whom you want to watch the game. Back in 2008, when the Phillies were on the brink of clinching the 2008 World Series, a few of my roommates and buddies said they were going down to Benny the Bum’s, a bar down near Citizens Bank Park, to be down at the stadium should the Phillies bring home the crown. They told me to come. I declined and stuck with what I do during playoff baseball – I watched the game in my house, in front of my TV, where I could concentrate on the game and not have to deal with strangers.

The same thing happened when the Eagles made it to the Super Bowl against the Patriots. Several of my friends went down to South Street to watch it at a bar. I went to my dad’s house and watched it with him, because that’s where I wanted to be and who I wanted to watch the game with. Both instances, my friends who went out of their way to do something different regretted their decisions. They strayed from how they normally enjoyed taking in a game. I did not, because I stuck to being the fan that I’ve always been.

Anyone can come up with a code on what you should or shouldn’t do. But when it’s all said and done, just be the fan you want to be, be the fan you are. If you like to boo, then by all means boo. If you have a rosy outlook, then by all means try to convert the naysayers. If you scream and throw things, scream and throw things. If you’re calm, cool and collected, remain so. Just be you.

All too often in sports, we as fans judge and deride each other for the way we act during the game. We forget that sports are supposed to be an escape and provide enjoyment for everyone in their own form. For some, that’s acting out and carrying on. For others, it’s a chance to relax and take things in. I say, so long as you aren’t out to harm anyone, to each is own.

At the end of the day, there’s only one code that really matters as a sports fan, and that’s to be your own fan first and foremost, and enjoy sports and interact with them in your own terms. Sports are about the fans after all. For everything we invest in being a fan, it should priority number one to invest in ourselves.

-The Rev


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