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ETSF Fan Handbook: Vol. III - give your ticket to a friend

Sunday was supposed to be a first for me. Sunday was going to be my first appearance at Rangers Ballpark this season. The idea was to go to not only a home game, but a playoff home game. From there, a post would be written about my night at The Ballpark, a night that, unplanned, would include my sister, her fiancé, my nephew, one of my old co-workers and good friends, and anyone else who was in the vicinity.

Well, things didn’t go according to plan and, thanks to Mother Nature, Game Two of the American League Championship Series was postponed for Monday afternoon. That’s right; Roscoe stayed parked in Siberia and I stayed in the apartment and sulked.

Now for people who’ve been reading this site for the longest, they know I don’t really care what day a game is on, or the time, and will do just about anything to make a game. So Game Two was rescheduled? No big deal; just go to the park on Monday and take it in with the same people.

The only problems with that logic are (a) I no longer live in the Metroplex, (b) I started a job about a month-and-a-half ago, and even as much of a hooligan that I am, especially when it comes to sports, I can't take off work this early. With all that said, it leads to today’s lesson in the fan handbook: give your ticket to a friend.

I’ve never been crazy about selling stuff, especially a game ticket. It’s really more of being sentimental, and putting more value on the actual experience of attending a game as opposed to getting money for it. Also, it takes effort to sell a ticket, effort I’d rather not use.

Besides, yesterday was a day game, so there were bound to be others selling their tickets as well who had to be at work on Monday, as opposed to the day before when the game was on a Sunday. Instead, it’s easier to find someone who wants to go, preferably someone who hasn’t been able to go to a game, give it to them, and let them have a blast…and that’s exactly what happened.

I gave my ticket to my best friend; someone who I know loves the Rangers, but someone who hasn’t been to a game all season either. He got the call yesterday afternoon, went over to the box office, showed his ID and other G-14 classified information, and walked into the Ballpark to watch the game. The man also parked at Pappadeaux, which was incredibly brave and stupid, but it worked out for him, because his car was still there after the game (people will do anything to save a buck.)

He was in Section 52, Row Ten, Seat Seven (the bleachers) while I sat in my office, well past closing time, watching the game on the Hoshitoshi in my office (yes, this gig has some terrific perks.)

So even though I was salty about not being at the game personally, it all worked out, and after the exploits at the ballpark yesterday, it's nice that someone was able to enjoy it, even though it wasn’t me (damn you, Mother Nature.)

After the exploits that took place not only last night, but in Game One as well, this is a story about giving a ticket to a friend, but it’s also about the continuous journey of a man who did work last postseason and is becoming a Postseason God before our very eyes. For that, today is officially known as Nelson Cruz Appreciation Day. Why is it Nellie Cruz Appreciation Day? Well, here’s why:

The man hit a homer off of The Great Justin Verlander in Game One.

The man hit a homer yesterday to tie the game at three runs a piece.

To top off his tear in the ALCS, Nelson Cruz hit a walk-off grand slam in the bottom of the 11th to give the Rangers a 7-3 win and a 2-0 lead in the ALCS.

Around the Metroplex, the adage is “one game at a time.” Well, it’s not so much of an adage that the Metroplex has adopted as much as it’s one I adopted during the Dallas Mavericks Championship Run. There’s still a lot of beisbol left, and Detroit is too good of a team to think this thing is over.

Yesterday ended up going about as well as it could go, if not better, and I wasn’t even at the park to witness it in person. As we all know, there are many ways to enjoy being a fan, as The Rev so eloquently stated in Volume II.

You don’t always have to be at the game to enjoy the game, and in the event you run into a situation like the one that occurred over here, give your ticket to a friend and let them enjoy the festivities. It could end up being something even better than you ever imagined.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda


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