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ETSF Fan Handbook: Vol. IV - the role of tailgating

Recently, I had a discussion with The NFL Chick about our experiences with tailgating. The conversation was lively, exciting, and about as animated as can be. We spent plenty of time talking about our respective encounters with tailgating, how much fun it is, and we agreed on pretty much everything.

However, when it came to where tailgating fits in the scope of game day, disagreement, disharmony, and discontent took over. We couldn't come to an agreement on the exact role of tailgating; whether it's a pre-cursor to the game, or if tailgating can replace being inside the ballpark and/or stadium. With that said, we decided to structure volume four of the soon-to-be-acclaimed ETSF handbook around this particular aspect of the fan experience: tailgating.

No game ticket? No problem. Come tailgate! : by The NFL Chick

As much as I love attending live football games for many, many reasons, I can appreciate a good ol' tailgate party outside the stadium. There are some like Kenny who don't see the point of tailgating if you aren't going to the actual game, but I disagree.

Sometimes, folks aren't able to go to the game, for whatever reason. But that shouldn't stop folks from missing out on the awesome event that is the pregame festivities of tailgating.

I've been to more football games than I can count, but some of my best football memories were hanging out with friends at a tailgate party. Everything you wanted, they had. Food, music, drinks (including alcohol, of course) and last but not least, the football game.

Once the game was over, the tailgate party then became the afterparty, with the DJ cranking up the music as fans slowly made their way back to the parking lot. Some even left early as the game became out of reach, just so they could finish partying with us! Ever seen a bunch of drunk people with no rhythm do the Cupid Shuffle in a stadium parking lot? If your answer is no, you're missing out on life.

I can't speak for everyone's tailgating experience. After all, Baltimore has been voted the Best Tailgating City for years (I'm not kidding, google it!), so maybe I'm spoiled a little. In Charm City, football is more than just a game for us.. it's a celebration of whats to come. People here love the game so much they want to be a part of something... ANYTHING.. that can connect them to their favorite team.

So if you think tailgating without going to the game is lame, that's cool. You just haven't been to the ultimate tailgating party yet.... or to Baltimore.

Tailgating is the appetizer, but the game is the main course: by Kenny

Tailgating plays an integral part in the fan experience. Folks can know a game is days away, but they’re just as excited to pack up some meat, beer, and their grill, throw it in the back of the truck and head onto the stadium. Sure, you can go to the ballpark or the stadium and not engage in tailgating, but there’s nothing like it.

With that said, as great as tailgating is, it’s the appetizer. Going to the game itself will always be the main dish, always the priority. The first time I was involved in a tailgate when the folks I went to the stadium with didn’t go to the game was the Cowboys home opener two years ago at Jerry’s World. My buddies and I got to the stadium at noon, despite the fact that kickoff wasn’t until seven that night.

Upon our arrival, there were already thousands of people out there firing up the grill, drinking beer, taking pictures with other fans, throwing the football around, and just having a great time.

It was a great thing to be a part of, and even with all that fun, there was no way it topped actually being inside of Jerry’s World. However, when it was time to go in, my best friend said he was gonna go ahead and stay outside, chill at the truck, and watch it on the Hoshitoshi we had hooked up to the bed of the truck. The man had money to spend, but he was enjoying the scene and decided to save his money and stay out in the lot.

To this day, that tailgate was dope, but there’s no way in hell it was comparable to being inside the stadium, nor should it be. The same with shocking the world at the Fiesta Bowl a couple of years back. The tailgate was dope and all, but the highlight was being inside the stadium for Boise State and TCU. The game is what brings us together, and while the tailgate aspect is awesome, being inside the stadium will always be priceless.

-K. Masenda and The NFL Chick

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