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Fan's Perspective: Chris Webber Reflects On Dunking On Barkley At The Barbershop

While doing my morning reading and YouTube viewing, this gem came across my four eyes. The Nike Barbershop Basketball campaign back in 1993 was quite a dope one, featuring a vast array of superstars past and present like George Gervin, David Robinson, Artis Gilmore, Dennis Rodman, Tim Hardaway, Alonzo Mourning, Chris Mullin, Vernon Maxwell and Mitch Richmond.

My personal favorite features Chris Webber and Latrell Sprewell (who was rocking a baldie, so he was clearly there just to be talking crazy) as C-Webb reminisces on when he posterized Charles Barkley. From C-Webb's ridiculous (yet awesome at the time) jump suit, to the theatrics displayed by both characters, this was the gem I needed to get my morning going.

Here are a couple of other favorites from the Nike Barbershop campaign:

George Gervin and "The Finger Roll"

Alonzo Mourning the old man.

Rodman tries to persuade The Admiral to go blonde.

Get to the barbershop gentlemen, get to the salon ladies. Enjoy your Saturday.



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