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God Bless The Pinch-Hitter #theUCshow

On this edition of The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show we are faced with multiple conundrums. The World Series is on while our show airs live. Problem. Not one, but two co-hosts are AWOL for the beginning of the show. Problem. Ed has to run the switchboard, chat room, and do the show by himself. Problem.

Thank God there were some homies in the bullpen, as Charles Davis comes in off the bench to tag-team with Ed on this edition of #theUCshow. We chop it up about the struggles and greatness of our fantasy football teams, we break down the future of Carson Palmer in Oakland, then Kenny strolls in fashionably late to discuss ESPN's ranking of the 500 players in the NBA.

Listen. Share. Discuss.

9:00 - Ladies and gentlemen, Charles Davis...the 49ers fan.

9:15 - A candid discussion about Carson Palmer and the Oakland Raiders...

9:30 - Look who decides to stroll in and join the festivities...

9:45 - The debate begins on ESPN's #NBARank

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Random...I have never been one to defend a Mr. Kobe Bean Bryant, however, seeing Kobe rank #7 on any NBA list behind the likes of Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, and Dwight Howard is just plain unsettling. There's no way Dwyane Wade should be ahead of Kobe Bryant in anything besides falling down...yeah I said it. We'll discuss this in more detail soon...I promise.



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