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Red River Shootouts and All-Time Best Quarterbacks #theUCshow

On this edition of The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show, we're honored to have the big homie Allen Kenney of Blantant Homerism join us to talk about all things Oklahoma versus Texas as the Red River Shootout takes place in the Cotton Bowl this Saturday at Noon. Why is Ken and Ed not crunk about this game? And why is B-Lew popping off so crazy at Ken and Ed for their lack of emotion towards Oklahoma?

Plus, let us ask you a question....who are the three greatest quarterbacks of your generation? This question almost started a fight on the show, names were called, and good times were had.

Listen. Share. Discuss.

9:00 - The NFL season at the quarterpole

9:20 - Allen Kenney joins us to talk Red River Shootout

9:40 - The greatest quarterbacks of our generation, a conversation

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For the record, B-Lew thinks that Troy Aikman is the second greatest quarterback of our generation...and Kenny thinks Lorenzo Favre is the third greatest quaterback of our genration. Yet, I got slandered for putting Elway in my top three. Amazing.



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