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The Resurrection Of The Original Steve Smith

This past Sunday a fight broke out between Carolina Panthers' wideout Steve Smith and New Orleans Saints safety Roman Harper after Smith hauled in a jump pass from Cam Newton and took it to the house for a 54-yard touchdown. Smith elevated over Saints’ corner Jabari Greer, who then fell down, thus giving Smith an unabated route to the endzone. Harper then decided to run full speed at Smith as he crossed the goal line and hit the defenseless receiver as he began to celebrate his touchdown.

Three things happened that got me crunk:
  1. Steve Smith, usually the precocious type, instead of engaging in fisticuffs with Harper decided to do the Cris Carter ball spin and celebrate his own personal glory. Why give Harper the time of day when his (lack of) cover skills give him all the attention he needs.
  2. The entire Carolina Panthers offense was ready to ride for Steve Smith. Even Cam Newton ran 65 yards down the field to engage in the fisticuffs, a dope scene indeed.
  3. Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins (stupidly) came to defend his teammate, but once he ran up Steve Smith yoked his ass up and took him to the ground via the facemask…the facemask.
You see, the man wasn’t even looking for the scrap. He was out there having another boss game, just Moss’d the corner, and went to score his touchdown and go about his business. When Harper hit him, he wasn’t even tripping. “Let me celebrate me.” Smith said. (in my mind) Then Jenkins had to run up…and like the old men in our lives would say, “run up, get done up.”

This play was a microcosm of who Stevonne Latrall Smith is, one of the best players in the NFL and a true G among G’s.

There are few things in the NFL that are truly unfair. Quarterbacks who get treated like Faberge eggs, Ed Reed and Ray Lewis getting old, and Randall Gene Moss taking his talents to a creek in West Virginia. For a wideout in the League, the one thing that he needs to ultimately be successful is a competent quarterback. Unfortunately, the men that have been chucking the pill around the field in Charlotte over the last ten years have been retread field generals like Rodney Peete and Vinny Testaverde or wet behind the ears hurlers like (old) Chris Weinke and Jimmy Clausen. However, the mainstay of the 10-year war between the quarterback and #89 has been Jake Delhomme.

*Google’s the amount of money Jake Delhomme has made in his career with the Carolina Panthers*



Delhomme made well over $50 million while tenured as the starting signal caller in Carolina. Of that $50 million, Steve Smith deserved a good 60% of that money. That’s how good Steve Smith is, and Steve knew it. He knew he had a mediocre quarterback on his hands, otherwise he wouldn’t say things like this to man in his face…

Steve Smith Micd Up

So he knew the man was down from another pitiful performance, called the man ugly in his face, told the man he was terrible at his job, but as a man….he still liked the guy.

What more can you ask for from a man? That’s why there is only one Steve Smith. Shame on us for even considering that there was another Steve Smith. (as far as I’m concerned, that other one who played for the Giants and now the Eagles will just have to be Steven Smith. I don’t care if Steve Smith’s real name is Stevonne, he will always be THE Steve Smith)

Here is what is undeniable about #89. He has been one of the elite wideouts in this league, and will go down as one of the best receivers of our generation. His numbers won’t be up to par with guys like Moss, Owens, and Harrison but those numbers don’t make up the total story. Steve Smith is what that is because he’s fearless, he wants to win at all cost, and he’ll even punch his own teammate if he has to.

The fact that Cam Newton is slanging the pigskin at such a high-level for the Panthers, it’s a blessing to see Steve Smith still out there doing his thing. At 5’8” and 185 pounds, he’s not supposed to be able to do the things he does. Go watch that youtube clip again of him rising in the air to get the ball. Unreal.

There’s something special going on in Carolina. If Ron Rivera can coach those boys up, Cam Newton can continue to develop, and the organization can continue to stockpile talent on both sides of the ball…maybe we’ll see #89 get one more shot on the big stage. One can only hope.



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