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Stop calling your friends immediately after a tough loss

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to take my talents down to DUUUUUUUUUUU-VAL and see my Jacksonville Jaguars do battle with the New Orleans Saints in my first-ever home game in EverBank Stadium right on the water. It was, by far, one of the best experiences I've ever had as a fan (more details on this later.)

Anyway, after I departed the tough loss (where my beliefs that Darren Sproles is arguably the scariest player in the NFL), I did what I usually do when I'm not near my television on a football Sunday: I called Kenny.

What I didn't realize is that the man had just gone through trials and tribulations prior to my phone call. You see, I was oblivious to what had happened just minutes before between his beloved Dallas Cowboys and the upstart Detroit Lions.

Kenny immediately got on the defensive and, truthfully, it's a damn shame. Why? Because Kenny and I know the code. The code is that you don't call your homies after a traumatizing, turbulent, or troubling defeat like the one Cowboys fans just endured. To his credit, Kenny did two things well. One, he didn't answer the phone when I initially called. Two, when he returned my call, he didn't lash out on me after I asked a basic, inquisitive question.

"What did I miss?"

Initially, Kenny thought I was being facetious, and he could tell that I was genuinely ignorant to the situation. He handled it quite well. However, I've seen my partners call their homies, family members, girlfriends, and even mamas and ask them "What in the hell happened to your team????" Laughing in their face, saying all types of reckless things they'd never say to their face, and generally infuriating the person on the other phone.

Trust me, there's nothing worse than being on the receiving end of this conversation.

You either have to keep your cool and act like this diabolical conversation doesn't faze them (which is a lie), or you cuss your friends out, which makes the situation that much more comical. You're in a lose-lose situation; you can't win.

So here's the rule: give your friends a 24-hour courtesy window before you give them a hard time about losing a game. They'll have cooled down and at least put some perspective to the game. Otherwise, you might get punched the face, and who really wants that? No one, man...no one.



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