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"I am the straw that stirs the drink." -- Reggie Jackson

This is my portfolio page. Please look around and check out my work. Afterwards, I encourage you to reach out and connect for a conversation! (Hopefully over drinks!)



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Eduardo (Eddie) Maisonet, III

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Birthday: July 28
Phone number: 213.537.3873
Website: www.thesportsfanjournal.com
E-mail: ed@edthesportsfan.com


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  • 2014-future

    Fox Sports Digital @ Yardbarker Editorial Producer

    Editorial and digital strategist for FOX Sports interactive media team, focusing on Yardbarker's social media engagement, publisher relations and new media verticals.

  • 2010-2015

    SB Nation @ Senior Writer

    Contributed to the news desk and editorial direction for NBA and college football.

  • 2013-2014

    Google @ Operations Coordinator

    Led onboarding of small and medium-sized businesses onto Google My Business platform.

  • 2009-2011

    Nielsen @ Retail Consultant

    Served as a retail consultant and consumer market researcher with a focus on Kroger and Safeway.


  • 2016

    University of San Francisco San Francisco, CA

    Sport Management Masters Program

  • 2005

    Langston University Langston, OK

    Bachelors in Organization Management

  • 2010

    Media Bridges Cincinnati, OH

    Radio and Broadcasting Certification

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My latest projects

The five reasons why baseball will always be cool

The five reasons why baseball will always be cool

Let me allow KanYe West to kick this thang off for me...
"Its what you all been waiting for ain't it?
What people pay paper for damn it
They cant stand it, they want something new
So let's get re-acquainted
Became the hood favorite
I cant even explain it
I surprise myself too

Life of a Don, lights keep glowin'
Comin' in the club wit that fresh sh*t on, with something crazy on my arm
Ha Ha Hum, here's another hit, Barry Bonds."
For being a baseball fan since I was rubbery-brained, still wearing X-Men t-shirts, and eating peanut butter sandwiches as a child, my appreciation for America's past time has never waned. It's admittedly tough, though; from steroid allegations with players, to the capitalist regimes of powerhouse teams, to the lethargic and flummoxed squads...it can be hard to keep up.

However, for the attention-deficient disorder generation that we are, there is still a ton of "cool" that can be found in baseball. Let Ed show you the way.

The UC Show: Mar. 30 - Where the Final Four and Wrasslemania 27 happens...

The UC Show: Mar. 30 - Where the Final Four and Wrasslemania 27 happens...

On this edition of The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show, we're honored to have The Smoking Section's Justin Tinsley join the fellas as we talk about the MVP race, especially in regards to where LeBron falls in the discussion. Plus, we talk about the Final Four, the NBA playoffs, and we end the show talking about Wrasslemania 27!

So yeah, about the Spurs...

So yeah, about the Spurs...

On Thursday night, the Battle of the Old Man Teams will take place on TNT. On one side, you have the Celtics and on the other side, you have the Spurs. For whatever reason, I’m not surprised to see Boston giving up the ghost this late in the season. Shoot, they did the same thing last year, and still found a way to be in Game Seven of the NBA Finals.

The Spurs on the other hand? I’m not so sure.

The Spurs got off to a fantastic start this season. Ginobili was playing great, Tony Parker was doing work, Tim Duncan was playing less minutes, and everyone on the team knew their role. They were, record-wise, the head of the class of the entire League. It seemed like they were well on their way to getting back in title contention, and it also seemed like they were the last team that anyone would want to see.

Philosophical Differences: Play it safe? Go for the win?

Philosophical Differences: Play it safe? Go for the win?

Some of us just go about things differently.

When it comes to women, some of you all like to go mingle with the ladies who are in line with your perceived "pay grade" if you know what I mean. Why? Because its safe, because you know you're success rate might be higher, and because you might be...just might be...afraid of failure. Its cool though, it makes it easier for grown folks to come out here and talk to these women who might intimidate some of these regular fellas out here in these streets. Yes, you might not have the success you want all the time, but how can you truly win if you never go for the gusto?

You can't.

Flash forward to Saturday night. Arizona versus UConn in the Elite Eight. One game left to get to the Final Four. Arizona's down two with under ten seconds to go, and now you've got a decision to make. Do you play it safe...or do you go for the win?

The Butler Bulldogs are what is great about college basketball

The Butler Bulldogs are what is great about college basketball

Kenny Masenda will never pick Butler again (Facebook status from 3/19/2009).

Butler had just lost to LSU in the first round of the 2009 NCAA Tournament, and I was mad as hell. My admiration for Butler started two years prior when they made the Sweet 16. The following year, they lost in the second round, and then, in 2009, they lost to an LSU team that I was certain they were better than. Not only was that the case, there was endless convincing (in my mind) that Butler was on their way to being the next mid-major to build a program and be a March Madness mainstay for years to come.

When they lost, emotion prevailed over logic, the aforementioned FB status was on my wall, and endless “LOLs," "I told you they weren’t that good,” “why did you have them making a run anyway,” and other contrarian statements invaded my profile.

Then, last season happened.

Here was Butler again, back in the dance, and they were making a serious run. However, scorn ruled over giving them their due. Pride ruled over common sense. Anger from disappointment past prevailed over letting stuff go. Hey, I am a sports fan after all; we never forget. Anyway, Butler made their run, continued to knock off team after team, made the National Championship, and were a half-court heave away from winning the whole damn thing.

Today's Obituaries - Kyle Singler (1988-2011) and the Dookies

Today's Obituaries - Kyle Singler (1988-2011) and the Dookies

Kyle Edward Singler, 22, passed away on Thursday, March 24th, 2011. He was born on May 4th, 1988 in Medford, Oregon. Kyle was known for being a Detlef Schrempf impersonator and one of the stars for the Duke Blue Devils from 2007-2011, including winning the 'Most Outstanding Player' award as he led the Blue Devils to another national championship in 2010. Unfortunately, for everything the young man achieved, his legacy didn't quite end the way he wanted to.

In the 2011 NCAA Basketball national championship, Duke advanced to the Sweet 16 to face a band of hooligans from the desert simply known as "The Wildcats." In the Sweet 16, located in Anaheim, California. Duke was heavily favored versus "The Wildcats" and nary a soul gave the 'Cats a chance to win the game. Then Derrick Williams and his crew of hooligans stepped on the court.

Clutch: an introspection

Clutch: an introspection

"When it comes to clutch, you either have it, or you don’t."

-B. Crawford

4.2 seconds left, the crowd is going crazy, and the home team is down one. Your star player, the one you’ve counted on to make plays, the one you've counted on to rise in this moment, has the ball 18 feet from the basket. His teammates are waiting to see how the final seconds will play themselves out, the defense is ready, the coaches have their hands in the pockets, and the referees are prepared to do their job.

The player gets by his man with ease, picks up his dribble and takes off for the basket. Another defender slides over, establishes position, puts his body in harm’s way, and the collision between the two is monumental. The clock is at all zeros, the ball goes through the hoop, the score is still a one-point margin, and a whistle blows.

Offensive foul. Game over.

The UC Show: Mar. 23 - Where playing like a cretin, a doofus, a nincompoop happens...

The UC Show: Mar. 23 - Where playing like a cretin, a doofus, a nincompoop happens...

On this edition of The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show, for as much as we talk up the Lake Show, the Old Men Celtics, and The Heatles...its time to put some of these other elite squads in the cut? Are the Bulls, Magic, Spurs, and Mavs for real? Plus, Ken and Ed have a spirited debate on why the Knicks suck so bad. Finally, we chop it up about the Sweet 16 and make our Final Four picks.

Jimmer Fredette is the next Billy Hoyle

Jimmer Fredette is the next Billy Hoyle

It took me until Wednesday morning at about 1:17 a.m. to finally admit that I am a believer in James Taft Fredette aka The Jimmer. The question you might be asking immediately following my statement is an honest and fair one, "What in the hell took you so long to believe?" In college basketball, there are two types who hit the scene that I'm leery of. One guy who comes from the nether regions of this country who play in boondock conferences and perform in a high level, yet I refuse to believe in until they do something worth a damn. The other guy is "the next Larry Bird" of some sorts, always either by size or shooting ability, crowned as being "a smart ballplayer", and of course...being one of our Caucasian brothers of this country.

Well guess what? Jimmer fits both criteria, so yes, I was skeptical of The Jimmer. Are you really going to fault me for this? However, it takes a real man to admit when he's wrong and I wonder how good is he, really?

The "downside" of March Madness

The "downside" of March Madness

Find a way to illustrate and paint a picture of the agony, pain, and anguish you experience when the realization hits that a certain point in your life is over. At that time, you’re not thinking about “the next level,” or “moving on.” You’re simply “in the moment,” and if you’ve ever experienced something like that, it can be the, at that time, one of the hardest times in your life, if not the hardest. Nothing else matters.

When folks think of March Madness, the prevailing thoughts are buzzer-beaters, nail-biting finishes, and players becoming legends right before their very eyes. They think about Gus Johnson losing his mind, seeing a player make a play and calling it in a way that only Gus can do to make you feel as if you’re right there (well, in fairness, Kevin Harlan is pretty damn good as well). With all these things being true, there is a downside to March Madness and it is that someone has to lose.

What Ed learned in 96 hours of watching college basketball

What Ed learned in 96 hours of watching college basketball

For the past four days I have been a college basketball viewing machine. Friendships were lost, sleep was deprived, alcohol was consumed. Through it all I can say without a shadow of a doubt I am a better man for it, why? Because this is March Madness, this is college basketball, and if a grown man can't use a vacation day or two to sit at the house, grill turkey burgers, drink Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, wear sweatpants all day, and talk crazy on the almighty Twitter machine...

...then I don't want to live on this Earth.

Step into my brain real quick, here are some things that I've learned during the 2011 NCAA Tournament.

The 700 Club - Reflection Eternal

The 700 Club - Reflection Eternal

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." - Bill Cosby

Its fitting that we would hit 700 posts on ETSF in the midst of buzzer-beaters and game winners during the greatness that is the NCAA tournament. The first week of the tournament (and I'm not talking about those punk ass games on Tuesday and Wednesday) is arguably the greatest four days in sports. Hell, I along with millions (literally) of people took off work today to bask in the greatness of the tournament. Filling out those brackets feels like filling out that FAFSA in high school, you hate doing it but you HAVE to do it. There's no way around it.

Since the beginning of this site, Kenny's spit the gospel and I've spun it on the one's and two's on all things college basketball. Let's reflect.

It's more than just a game...

It's more than just a game...

Last night on Unsportsmanlike Conduct Radio, Ed and I had the honor of being able to have the homie, Kris Rothstein, tell the story of Terrell Davis, Las Vegas, and a blackjack table. It was, in my opinion, the most entertaining story ever told on the radio.

The man pulled no punches, kept it real, and had our listeners in the chat room, on the phone, as well as folks on Twitter on the edge of their seats. It was classic stuff, and easily shows that the man is one of the most entertaining people you will ever meet.

Even though the story was centered on a football great, it’s another example of how ETSF does our part to bring aspects to the sports experience that any fan can relate to. Some people would hear or see the name of a football great, and be in awe, but instead, it was an example of how right from wrong doesn’t change, no matter who is involved.

The UC Show: Mar. 16 - March Madness Is "officially" here + A story about Terrell Davis

The UC Show: Mar. 16 - March Madness Is "officially" here + A story about Terrell Davis

On this edition of The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show, after a spirited discussion of NBA talk begins (most notably, are the Chicago Bulls able to be trusted?) the epic, historic, and outlandish story of Terrell Davis in Las Vegas is told by the great Kris Rothstein, plus we end it with a little March Madness talk.

The "Play-In Game" is like eating at the kids table

The "Play-In Game" is like eating at the kids table

I'm really upset that I wasted five hours of my life watching horrible basketball.

Why? Because I could've been doing something much more productive with my life. I could've been folding clothes, doing my taxes, sipping Hennessy, playing Madden, anything other than watch two mediocre teams battle it out to either: A) get their brains beat in like they stole something, or B) put themselves at a competitive disadvantage for the "real" tournament that begins on Thursday. I'm mad because I made myself watch those games, for reasons that are still unbeknown. The hype machine that is ESPN-TNT-Court TV-TBS-Tru TV made me believe that I was going to miss something by not watching these games...

...what I ended up watching was bad basketball, plain and simple.

The greatest college basketball fantasy draft of all-time

The greatest college basketball fantasy draft of all-time

On the eve of this thing called March Madness, there's always a need to reflect. We've watched documentaries of the Running Rebels of UNLV and the Fab Five of Michigan over the course of the weekend. We've seen the absurdity of the current 2011 NCAA tournament bracket, and we can remember when the old folks preached the gospel about the legends of yesteryear. So usually when we start reminiscing about the glory of years past, there's only one logical conclusion...

...we've got to do a fantasy draft.

Six guys, one conference call, and an hour and a half of shenanigans later, we came up with this...the first-ever ETSF college basketball fantasy draft.

Pay homage to the Fab Five

Pay homage to the Fab Five

Note: shout-out to my boy Kris, for being the reference point of the "pay homage" lingo.

I believe we all have things that come into our lives for a reason. Granted, those things didn’t have to come solely for you, but when they come, for whatever reason, they just stick to you. You’re able to relate to whatever it is, for reasons that some can see, or for reasons that are strictly unique to your situation.

Anyone who frequents this site knows that basketball gets a significant amount of run here. Ed is a basketball fan, as am I. Well, Ed prefers the term “aficionado,” but I never really use that word, in real life (he does), so I’ll just stick to fan.

Everything there is about the game, I love: the court, the ball, the basket, sounds of sneakers squeaking on the floor, the talk from players to each other, the crowds; you name it, and I appreciate it. When it comes to basketball, it’s never solely about the game...

...which brings me to Juwan Howard, Ray Jackson, Jimmy King, Jalen Rose, and Chris Webber.

Today's Obituaries: Gary McGhee (1988-2011)

Today's Obituaries: Gary McGhee (1988-2011)

Dearly departed...

We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of one Mr. Gary "Yella Flocka Flame" McGhee, 22, passed away on March 10th, 2011. He was born on October 28, 1988 in Anderson, Indiana. Gary was a center for the top-ranked Pittsburgh Panthers. He is survived by his four teammates in the starting lineup; Ashton Gibbs, Brad Wanamaker, Gilbert Brown, Nasir Robinson and his head coach Jamie Dixon.

A special scholarship fund has been created in Yella Flocka Flame's name, called the "PLEASE switch on man-to-man defense for the love of God" scholarship for big men (which was started by James "Buddha" Edwards) who get switched onto crafty, quick, and deceptive guards who have no other desire to than to embarrass you in public. This scholarship was created immediately after Kemba Walker decided that the Big East quarterfinals are now over.

Dwight Howard has finally turned into a grown man

Dwight Howard has finally turned into a grown man

The first go 'round, it wasn't even his fault. When the 2004 draft came around, it was reminiscent of the Manning vs. Leaf draft back in 1998. Two men at the top of their class, both players play a position which is the foundation of the team, and more importantly they were players that were as tough to project their future value as any we'd seen in recent memory.

Emeka Okafor vs. Dwight Howard.

I remember watching those clips of Dwight Howard and thinking what most of you all thought..."Man this is just a big dude who's dunking on 5'11" kids, he ain't 'bout nothing." We'd seen Okafor play, we'd seen Okafor come off winning rings in Storrs, Connecticut, he was a known commodity. Dwight Howard was just a big goofy looking kid.

16 technical fouls, elbows to the mouth, talking crazy, and making demands later...Dwight David Howard is not a kid anymore, ole buddy is now a grown ass man.

The UC Show: Mar. 9 - Will the Miami Heat ever win again? Plus, March Madness is almost here

The UC Show: Mar. 9 - Will the Miami Heat ever win again? Plus, March Madness is almost here

This Wednesday on The UC Show...

While B-Lew is out being the greatest 8th-grade basketball coach of all-time, there are some questions that need to be answered...can Ken and Ed handle the challenge?

March Madness is losing its soul

March Madness is losing its soul

March Madness is that time of the year when we all come together, as fans, and for two weeks and change, we enjoy college basketball at its best. For years, that's what it's been, and when you get used to something for so long, you figure that's how it's always going to be. As much as I hate to say it, though, that's simply not the case anymore.

Enjoy March Madness while you can, folks. The event many of us have come to love, mark our calendars for, and make tons of brackets in its name...is rapidly changing, and not for the better.

People may think some of these changes are a good thing, and at one time, I even thought they were.

Then, it happened. While sitting around, reminiscing about The Fab Five, UNLV, the '07 Hoyas squad, and some of my other favorite March Madness squads, the lil' dude on my shoulder, aka my conscience, tapped me, and started to go in:

The Can't Get Right All-Stars - The 5 worst greatest players in the NBA

The Can't Get Right All-Stars - The 5 worst greatest players in the NBA

Craig Hodges.

Some of you young boys born in the 90's might not know anything about Craig Hodges other than along with Larry Bird, he is only one of two players to win three consecutive Three Point Contests at the NBA All-Star Game. Us old folks recognize the sheer greatness of Craig Hodges 3-point shooting ability, especially back in 1993 when he'd been blackballed in the league (due to his criticism of The Jordan, breaking bad at the White House to G.W. Bush and wearing the dashiki, etc.) yet came out in a t-shirt and still almost won the three-point contest.

Craig Hodges couldn't get out of his own way. He couldn't get in the way of anyone either, because he played NO defense at all whatsoever. Plus he had no real position, a 6'2" shooting guard? No bueno.

Here are five players that continually piss me off to no end, but I have a love-hate relationship with. Why? Because they all remind me of Rasheed Wallace and "Can't Get Right" from Life. They're all phenomenal players (IMO) but they always find ways to piss me off...but you want them on your team.

The conundrum that is the NBA Most Valuable Player award

The conundrum that is the NBA Most Valuable Player award

The MVP award is one that rarely confuses me. There are always debates as to who should get the MVP every year, but for the most part, I do think the NBA gets it right.

This year, though, will not be normal. There is historical evidence, as well as my own particular beliefs, that make me think this year will be unlike any other.

Derrick Rose is my dude. At one time, I would have gone as far to say I was a Derrick Rose Stan, but after meeting some Bulls fans over the summer, they made the efforts to promote Rose pale in comparison to their allegiance of the man. That’s cool, and I’m willing to concede.

He has been the catalyst in resurrecting a once dignified, but in recent years, an insignificant, downtrodden, and below-average Chicago Bulls basketball team. Those may seem like harsh words, but if anything, it just shows the impact that Derrick Rose has had on his hometown since he was drafted by Chicago in the 2008 NBA Draft.

I say all that to say these things about the season that Derrick Rose is having. This will have facts, opinion, and the best part is it will set the table for whoever wants to engage in some debate.

Derrick Rose is a legitimate MVP candidate, and due to factors that will be discussed later in this post, he is at the front of the pack to win this year’s award. Saying that, I think there is a bias against young players (specifically, third-year players) winning the MVP. Here are my examples (praise God for Basketball Reference [dot] com):

I fear LeBron James will become the next Wilt Chamberlain

I fear LeBron James will become the next Wilt Chamberlain

I've been watching LeBron James play basketball for over ten years. Whenever I've seen him play, his presence has always been larger than anything I had ever seen since "The Jordan." He's always been the fastest, strongest, and most instinctive person on the court. LeBron is capable of doing literally any and every single thing he wants to on the basketball court.

Then Miami played three games against Chicago, New York, and Orlando.

Brick. Brick. Brick.

After the third brick, I was mad at LeBron James. I'm one of the biggest LeBron Stans out here, so defending the man is nothing to me. However, I knew when watching that game against Orlando, and the way it was playing out, that LeBron would get a shot and have a chance of hitting a key shot to send it to overtime. When he missed, I threw my remote, cussed real REAL loud, and poured me a shot of Root Beer flavored vodka that Smirnoff sent me (blogging has its advantages).

It was at that point that I came to realize that LeBron James could quite possibly be Wilt Chamberlain 2.0.

I am not a role model. Oh yes, you are...

I am not a role model. Oh yes, you are...

Last year, we ran a post highlighting the side of athletes fans you rarely see. It was done in the vein that we hear about athletes when they make an error in judgment, or when the talk is about their money. Think about it; in the last couple of weeks, the talk of the moment was about Albert Haynesworth and accusations lobbed at his head on one end, or Albert Pujols, Peyton Manning, and Michael Vick and their contract situation.

Those are four examples, four different players, but if you look around enough, that makes up a pretty significant percentage of the coverage the media shows on a regular basis: accusations of foolery or someone else’s money.

The UC Show: Mar. 2 - Life after the trade deadline

The UC Show: Mar. 2 - Life after the trade deadline

This Wednesday on The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show, Ed goes on another long-winded diatribe and Ken's ridiculous standom comes into play...

Do you remember when the Cincinnati Bearcats were the scariest team in America?

Do you remember when the Cincinnati Bearcats were the scariest team in America?

When you walk into Fifth Third Arena on the University of Cincinnati campus, you quickly notice the championship banners from 1961 and 1962, the listing of Bearcat All-Americans, and most notably the three retired uniforms hanging up on the wall.

Jack Twyman. Oscar Robertson. Kenyon Martin.

One man (Twyman) I've only heard of as a broadcaster, one man (The Big O) I've only heard the gospel about, and one man (K-Mart) I can truly say was the scariest college basketball player I'd ever seen in my entire life...

...and yet a googly-eyed kid from Oklahoma became a Stan for that player and the team that he played for.

From 1989 to 2005, the Cincinnati Bearcats compiled a 399–127 record, all under the tenure of one Bob Huggins. The collection of players that Huggie-Bear compiled in the Queen City was just plain absurd, moreover, the edge that those guys had was something that those UNLV teams and those Michigan teams in the early 90's could definitely appreciate...except that Cincinnati's squads were like that for 15 years!

The 4th Annual ETSF March Madness Challenge

The 4th Annual ETSF March Madness Challenge

Welcome to the 4th Annual Ed The Sports Fan March Madness pool! Yep, its been four years since we first got this thing started and we're still going strong! We had over 100 contestants last year, and we're pushing towards a goal of 500 in 2011!

There is no cost associated to this contest and prizes are included. There will be trash talk, shenanigans, tomfoolery, malarkey, and utter foolishness going on during this tournament, but the one with the level head (and tons of luck) will prevail in this bracket challenge. Tell a friend and have them sign up as well.

CLICK THE LINK TO SIGN-UP: http://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com/t1/group/14157/invitation?key=861e4eef6c0f51de

The 4th Annual ETSF March Madness Pool has officially been sponsored by Buckets Magazine (www.bucketsmag.com) and Corwyn Apparel (www.corwynapparel.com). More news to come in regards to prizes and giveaways.



P.S. As a reminder, checkout the livest sports talk show around, "The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show" as we are live Wednesday's at 9pm Eastern at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/edthesportsfan! Download our podcasts if you missed the live show as well!

Hey, Miami: let each game dictate who should be the closer

Hey, Miami: let each game dictate who should be the closer

How familiar are you with the long-standing "Damned if you do, damned if you don't" Philosophy? At its core, it is the dilemma of realizing that there's really no sure-fire answer to a situation. Whatever the obstacle is, it better work out, and even when it does, someone will have something to say about you anyway.

See, this is something I like to think we all have had to address at least once in our lives, and if you have, then this example of the Miami Heat is one that you can, at the very least, understand, even if you do not agree.

On paper, the Heat have all the tools to compete and win, but on the court, especially at the end of games, they tend to look as frazzled, flabbergasted, and flustered as any "great" team I've ever seen.


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